Ranked should not start if teams are uneven

EDIT: since support doesn’t want to handle these issues, I’ll update this post with my support message so they can ignore the community’s issues by letting them drown in the forums.

I lost 4 out of 10 placement matches because I keep getting put in uneven teams. (3 or below) against a full team.
This makes it near on IMPOSSIBLE to win the matches.

I can’t even comprehend how this is even possible in a mode where winning actually matters.
please FIX THIS.

How to easily fix it:

  1. Don’t launch a match until it has two full teams of 4 players each.
  2. If someone leaves during or fairly soon after the game starts, automatically end the game in a tie that doesn’t count as either a win or a loss, and doesn’t count towards your placement matches or rank.
  3. If a player leaves during the match, let the team affected vote whether or not they want to end the game. This will also not count as either a win or a loss, and doesn’t count towards your placement matches or rank.

Please, you want a competitive scene for you game. This is a must have to keep it alive.


It’s a common occurrence in ranked. I don’t think it’s because people maliciously leaving, as I originally thought. I’m pretty sure it’s people crashing since the game is so unstable. I really feel like it would take under 4 hours to implement a check where if there’s not 8 players in a competitive game, drop the game and return everyone to the lobby.

Keep in mind though that they haven’t fixed it in the MCC since it’s original launch on console in 2014, and they haven’t fixed it on the updated PC version as well, so they probably won’t fix it here either. I’m guessing all the dev resources are in the cash shop.

I have never crashed so far, is it really that common?

This is my number one issue with the beta so far – losing rank because of negative KDA is super frustrating when the odds are stacked 2v4. Or, just end the game, and IMMEDIATELY deduct my ELO, but for god sakes, please do not leave me in a lobby where I am forced to waste time, which as we all know is the only actual commodity. Thanks.

Imagine if the cash shop had an issue where people couldn’t buy anything. That -Yoink!- would be fixed in no less than one hour.

Ranked is full of quitters and system/game crashes. This is pretty much unacceptable.