RANKED SCORING- no point wins and double digit losses for 3v4

It’s pretty much the same. TrueSkill.

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Yup,but the entire gameplay was counting on skill,now you need to pray after each bullet to hit and the weapon inconsistencies are so frustrating,or that 2-3 melee hit :joy:

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They are issues for sure. But completely separate to the ranking system.

There are a lot of server issues in the last 2 days.
Delayed hit registration, at the end of the “rank unavailable message”
Has nothing to do with the ranking system

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I actually don’t complain only for the past 2 days :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t like how for 8 clean victory with good k/d I moved half rank but in next two loses it was erased almost entire rank! I referred to H5 just because the system was much more rewarding and I never have that bad experience for being punished ( even that in dose two lost games I was performing better than my teammates)


Then why can’t the game just put you against people near your rank sicne Onyx is the largest rank (or second largest). The only reason I suggested the score thing is because only focusing on K/D doesn’t take any into account other than kills which can be from steals, camping, or not doing the objective. Many people play for kills and stats because of that probably.

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I never really played to much H5 ranked but I will say I think I liked it but I can’t remember. All I know is that my progress shouldn’t be halted because the game decides so.

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I have hit so many people in the back and it hits them but makes the sound a wall makes and does no damage lmao. Also kill steals and assists really ruin the whole KD based rank thing because I always get around 10 plus assists.

RANDOM NOTE: Also didn’t even play a game but my rank went down by another 10 CSR???

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The current system is that if the KD does not look good but you’re up against a higher-level team, the loss of losing the game will not be too great, but if there is a low grade blue spirit or gold account in the opposite team,If you win, there are very few extra chapters. If you lose, you will deduct the points of several normal victories,good KD is also useless. If everyone is in the same rank, then it is simply to look at kd.
The problem now is that the system can form teams across levels, and there are fewer and fewer normal games.
More and more diamond or onyx take a low level teammate who can’t play or is pro level,this is unfair and frustrating.
Now the search match is to see the combination of MMR and segmentation,So even skilled players who open new accounts can easily search for high-level people because their MMR and kd are very high, but in the end, when calculating the score, the degree of deduction and addition simply depends on the Ranking Level and KD.
The system was a disaster and I stopped rank after getting tired of racing this week.

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In other words, a terrible system.

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It’s likely because the 8 clean wins with good K:D were against lower ranked teams.

You don’t deserve to rank up simply for winning games you are expected to.

The two losses would only cost you rank if you were expected to win. You didn’t so you lose rank. Your opponents won against the grain and would have been rewarded with increased rank of their own.

If you want to continue climbing rank. 1. Get better. 2. Beat teams ranked above you. 3. Don’t lose to teams ranked below you.

As for your team-mates. It doesn’t matter if you performed better than them. It’s a team game and the rank pivots on the team’s performance. People always complain when team-mates let them down… but they don’t bat an eyelid when better team-mates carry them to a win.

I don’t know where this KD thing comes from.

TrueSkill2 has a weighting for kills per minute - which has different connentations.

The win and the rank of the team you beat is still the primary factor.

When two identically ranked teams are slugging it out… then the weighting of kills per minute may have a greater bearing… but we’re talking a handful of MMR points here or there.

For most people… it’s shouldn’t be a huge factor.

The problem of stacking teams and trying to milk K/min is definitely creeping in. But it’s been a long term Halo problem. As a mid-platinum in Halo 5 it was surprising how many team invites I would get from Diamond / Onyx players when I had a (sadly rare) good game.

Other games get around this by limiting squads to a small range of MMR.

But the important thing is the system is not a disaster. It works well from a basic ranking and match-making role. It should never have been promoted as a score to grind.

What I would do is;

  1. Add in a win/skill based XP system for people to grind.

  2. Remove the MMR number from the ranks. Add in divisions to Onxy to give a sense of improvement. Let the system do what it does best and match-make.

  3. Set up a Champion system where the top ‘x’ per cent of Onxy get to play each other over the season for points and end of season awards. Whenever matchmaking ends up with 8x Champs and ping for everyone of 50ms or less - then the game is for points.

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It’s seem reasonable and still it’s not as rewarding as it was in H5
Or maybe I’m just not so good as I was.

I think the current system puts too much focus on the MMR and how much it goes up / down.

People were much happier when you just simply moved up or down tiers or even simple numbers (1-50). They were quite happy to grind away for days and then just suddenly tip over the edge into the next ranking.

It was also an easier system to soften. You could put an artificial brake (time or extra losses) on dropping a freshly earned tier.

But now everyone is scrutinising the numbers post match. Some are even getting confused that the bar change is per session and not just what someone changed that game. But any drop in MMR cuts to the bone.

Even though the algorithms are solid - there is currently no context for people on why their rank changed as much as it did. If 343 are going to continue with the MMR as the “badge of honour” they need a per game breakdown that you can click on and read; eg. your MMR went down by this much because…

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I feel your pain. I have stopped playing ranked because of the disconnection issues. I was platinum 6 on my way into Diamond when two disconnects happened back to back. I went all the way down to Platinum 4, and it took me a couple of weeks to jump those two levels.

A double F-U 343 on that. I haven’t played ranked since and I won’t again until it is fixed. This is on the PC by the way.