RANKED SCORING- no point wins and double digit losses for 3v4

Can you address the scoring that has happened in ranked over the last week or two. Not getting points on wins, including top 2 on team and getting punished for kids quitting or server disconnect with double digit losses. 3 of last 7 games were wins with no points. Never seems to happen on losses though…


You must be playing better than the game thinks you should be ranked. So it won’t let you go higher and wants to pull you back down to where it thinks you should be.

Five wins in a row with positive k/d and great kills- my bar barely moves.
Next two losses ( bad teammates ) and I lost almost entire rank.
Clearly the system is broken!

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first interesting comment to think about. thanks for the thoughts

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I have had the same issue I was in a 3v4 and lost 20 CSR but got 1st place for 4 games and in total gained 1 CSR

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So the game has a hidden rank for you and once it decides what that hidden rank should be it makes it very difficult to get away from it.

Personally, I think that is a really bad way to set up a ranked playlist.

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Well I went up for a bit going from 1520 to 1550 CSR in a few rounds then I did even better and it just gave me 1 CSR so idk why it’s being so dumb

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Keep in mind;

  1. You win and your rank (CSR) goes up. Lose and it goes down.

  2. How much it changes depends on;
    a) The rank of the team you played.
    b) The width of your skill curve.
    c) Your internal rank (MMR)

To rank up you have to beat teams ranked higher than you. This leaves you at the mercy of who is available to play. If you (or your team) are ranked higher than everyone around you it will be difficult to rank any higher.

Your skill curve starts wide and then begins to narrow with consistency (the system is confident in your rank). It can then make it harder to rank up (or down) but that’s OK as your skill shouldn’t be increasing that fast by this stage. The locking isn’t as bad as Halo 3… and will be opened up each Season (your curve is wide again for placement).

Your external CSR drifts up with each win but your MMR may not be changing much (eg. beating a team much lower in rank than yours). After a run of such wins your MMR and CSR may be a chunk apart - so it waits patiently for your first loss (even if 3 v 4) to bring you back to where you are supposed to be. Same thing happens in reverse for runs of losses against better teams.

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That’s a really stupid system

As a ranking system for matchmaking - it is a thing of beauty.

ELO systems have been in play since the 1960’s. They are mathematically sound. And very clever people have been trying to improve on them since.

The problem is that it’s not that good as a “value” to grind and/or brag about. You need regular tournament type structures to sort out the order of ranking… and that just doesn’t happen in Halo.

And we are already seeing people abuse it so that they can eke out a few extra points. Despite the fact that the actual value of your MMR is not really that important (or accurate).

What I think people really want is some sort of skill based XP system. Where you earn points for executing game skills. Weighted for the win. And that they can grind to their heart’s content.

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Why can’t it just be based on your score compared to that matches average?

Ok, tanks for the good explanation .
From a month,the things that I expired in ranked are:
Playing modes that I don’t want ( sometimes 3-5 times in a row of the same mode)

Usually my teammates don’t care for the objective at all ( me- usually with extremely poor k/d , dying constantly around enemy flag,trying to grab the oddball or trying to get a zone) for most of the people everything is Slayer.

Many times,one or two people from my team are afk (you can’t win in that position or it’s very hard)

Well known 3v4 ( usually after a while it’s become 2v4 )

Those games that you are like killing machine with 20+kills and you are still loosing ( match results- one or two of the team are 1/15 , 4/21…. You want to throw your controller in the middle of the screen)

That great game that you have a excellent team,extremely high performance, no lagging,you are filling like a good ( the bar almost moved)

The match is starting you slowly becoming to understand that you are facing good skilled 4 man team ( you dying constantly,your teammates are randoms who crouching in the corners,the enemy constantly captured your flag) on that point your rank is dropping like a waterfall and you can do anything about it

I don’t even touch the hackers,ghosting or 240ms server

Yes, I admit- they are some good games, sometimes you are outplayed from experienced players,you make bad decisions and lose ( but those are 3-5 games of 15 )

But I suspect that most of you already have the same experience and for me- the current ranking system is not feeling good.Recently I prefer to stay away from ranking and play only for weekly challenge . I just stopped to enjoy because after few games I’m confused,nervous and exhausted.

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Perfect explanation. Also not sure if you expirenced this but for me and everyone I played with the servers were really bad today and I got DCed lots of times today due to server issues. One time I was in a game where the game froze and everyone but me got DCed on my team but the enemy team had all 4 RIP.

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Actually I forgot to mention that.It’s happened to me bunch of times and it is really annoying,especially when you are winning and you finally are happy to have such a great performance :frowning:
And of course you loosen a big portion of your rank and receive a penalty bann

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I did actually get a ban after getting DCed and lost 10 CSR

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Yup.I don’t know , maybe it’s just me but I think that they change something two weeks before and from that point the game became very annoying to play :flushed:

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Yeah lol, I like ranked more than quick play because you actually earn something and the guns are better but it’s SO ANNOYING. I would rather do a tournament than ranked.

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I played and grinding every halo games and honestly- my favourite and enjoying experience is in Halo 5
I love the weapon balance,I love the melee , I really love the mechanics and map movement. Even I prefer the ranking system of h5 away more than present one

Because that just doesn’t make sense.

If you just racked up 10 wins in a row against teams ranked below you the system can’t make any inference apart from the fact that you are at least the rank you are. You can’t rank up on this basis.

XP on the otherhand… is probably the reward you are looking for.

This actually goes hand in hand with what you want. For any ranking system to be accurate / effective it needs players to be playing each other regularly. Tournament structures feeds very good information into the ranking system… and you get faster / better sorting of players.

What doesn’t work well is a good team going on a long winning streak over lower ranked teams… which is what you get in real life.

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