Ranked Quiters Two Games In A Row

It’s clearly working due to all the smurf accounts. You can keep asking me questions about it but my knowledge on the details is limited due to me not having been smurfed up.

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Ah… I see your problem OP.

You entered the wrong playlist.

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Honestly I think I booted the wrong Halo.

The game shouldn’t ban users for leaving an unfair match. I just got banned for leaving a 3v4 because why on earth would I continue playing a match that I’m going to lose? I shouldn’t be getting punished for the matchmaking system being a POS.


It’s a 95% chance those people are lagging out or their game is crashing. But yes, we absolutely need a forfeit system. The past two days have been extra crashy. I feel your pain though. The game is broken af.


Sometimes people legitimately crash before they even make it into a match (it happens 1/15 games generally). People can crash ‘mid-game’ as well, it isn’t always a leaver. There are a lot of network and latency issues occurring. I’ve experienced them myself. Believe me, I crashed in back to back ranked games and all I could do is laugh because it was so absurd, I lost a tremendous amount of ‘MMR’ as a result.

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I get that, regardless of the situation it still totally bones other players. Its generally why I never report quiters and only report AFKers, but unlike previous halo titles there is no report functionality…

I like the 12v12 as there is way more action with a larger map to play one. Some hardware to change the dynamic and it is fine for my liking.

I do not pay much attention to the scoreboard I am there just to have some fun.