Ranked Quiters Two Games In A Row

Played two games in a row where it’s a 3v4 turned 2v4, this is ridiculous. There needs to be some form of mercy system where I don’t have to spend 5 minutes of my time getting my -Yoink!- served up by the enemy because two of my teammates quit out on me.

Because I don’t wanna be banned.

I’d like to play the game, not spend 5 minutes watching a respawn screen. And when I decided to go make myself chicken nuggets I got kicked from the game for inactivity and then banned. My teammate had blown himself up so many times he was kicked.


I’m going to keep saying that the quit ban needs to be removed so people are not stuck in matches where they are being stomped.
Because A) People still quit, so the ban hardly stops anyone B)Makes people go AFK C)makes the game less fun for everyone.

Weather its 1V4 or 4v4 I would not want a mercy system because I rank up faster based on my performance. If games end too quick because the other team is bad and cant score than I end up not ranking up as much as I would have in a complete game.


In apex if your teammates exit or turn off the line, you will not deduct points, you will not affect other players, this is a mature program, I don’t understand why there is no such thing in halo.


I can see that being abused. We already have onyx level players playing on smurf accounts to boost up their buddies to onyx. I can see that smurf account backing out of a game if their team is losing so their friends do not get a penalty.

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This is another problem with rank now, and this and 3v4 have made me almost give up on continuing rank.
Losing games with this defense was made me so mad.
Sometimes I win this kind of game, but because my opponent has a gold account, So there are very few points, but when you lose, it’s the opposite.
As I said, there is a mature mechanism in apex. If we want to move it to halo, just like can’t have a cross-level team, which can easily avoid the problems we encounter.
Now I want to give up the game very much, because the social is not fun, the ranking is full of unfair matches and 3v4.

I’ve met more skilled players who play Smurfs or gold accounts and team up with their friends,We can hardly fight.
This is very common in Asia.
To me, this is more disgusting than cheaters, because the game is not as popular as it is with cheaters everywhere.

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TBH ranked is better with a team. I’m almost at onyx and the games go a lot smoother when you have people that you know will not quit on top of them also communicating. Getting Onyx as a solo is too much of a roll of the dice.

How to divide the ranks is the developer’s problem, there are not so many ranks segment in apex, and it is not realistic to isolate onyx players, but the mechanism of choosing onyx to team up with Smurf or Gold Account at will is too rubbish now.
Now the thing I’m angry about is that 343 hardly mentioned the problem. Maybe they didn’t want to solve it.
It’s easier to solve than anti-cheating.

I also play Apex and yes ranked is handled much better. As a masters player I’ve never encountered anyone abusing the system. I just don’t want to be stuck in a match where I get to watch a respawn counter with a cute little chime.

I was mid onyx in Halo 5 but my team moved from Halo to Apex so I only have a second that I play with and I count on two randos for the rest.

Stuck in daimond hell because of bad games of 3v4s or 2v4s. I didn’t have this issue nearly as much in Halo 5. Mainly because it’s not a f2p game and you can’t keep making fresh accs to avoid ban.

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I have largely played the 12v12 in multiplayer and so far I have not had any show stopping issues. I realize the game needs work but patience is hard won in gaming.

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How does that boost their buddies? Their buddies still have to actually do well to go up. You don’t go up just for winning. If Mr. Onyx pretending to be a goldie is 30-8 and taking all the kills - that doesn’t help his buddies.

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Now a large part of the reason for the frequent 3 v4 is also because the game has problems, drops or matches errors.
Believe me, not so many people will quit frequently when they know that there is a penalty of points deduction and suspension.
H5 is more complete and less buggy than InfinitySo there will be a lot less of that.
Many of my friends have experienced problems with flashbacks and failed matches while playing on the PC
However 343 did not pay attention to this problem. They are still in the stage of solving BTB. This problem is not mentioned.

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If their buddies are normally diamond ranked players, than they can own the golds and silvers that they match against thanks to the smurf.

What does that have to do with ranked? Ranked isn’t 12v12 ranked is 4v4. Where every teammate matters. If you’re going to have a game with a big name like Halo brings in the expectations of triple A multiplayer experience thus opening themselves up to a lot more criticism.

The game is missing key features, and I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking about the ranked system and developing a better system of allowing people to leave if they’s in a 2v4 or what not.


Yeah I have experienced those too. At first I thought Halo Infinite going f2p would be a positive step and increase player interest, now I realize it was just a way to publish/release a half backed multiplayer experience with worse tick rate than Apex servers and more disconnects then I have experienced in previous Halos.

343 saying they did not know this would happen in their Christmas livestream and feigining incompedence is absolutely aggrivating, there is not excuse for not knowing because they have two games under their belt to deliver a polished experience and their only concern was their bottom line. (Money)

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All stats and XP should be void if your teammates quit. You shouldn’t lose rank and the other team shouldn’t gain rank.

This issue also speaks volumes about the games design direction. This is the first Halo in franchise history where a highly skilled player can’t win a 2v1 in a BR fight. Making it almost impossible to win a match once a teammate has left or gone AFK.

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Yeah I play on PC and I’ve noticed how hard it is to win a 2v1 compared to other Halo games. At first I thought it was because I was getting older and maybe my skilled dropped going back to previous Halos that is not the case. I think it has something to do with lack of red reticle and also the bloom making the shots very random.

We all complained in Reach about Bloom. Now we’re okay with bloom?

I’ve played 8 ranked todays, I had 4 freezes where the game froze for 2 sec and close itself, back to windows.

Sometimes I can play 50 games with no problems.

And somedays I can not have 2 games in a row.

Quiters are mostly people who crash

I don’t blame them, i got ctf on aquarius twice in a row… Talk about hot garbage.

That doesn’t matter though if Mr onyx is still doing his regular output in damage. His buddies might get a few more kills here and there.