Ranked playlists

I’m actually really enjoying Halo Infinite. I know there are lot of progression/cosmetic issues. However, I know that 343 will end up fixing these issues by launch.

One change that I would like to see are the playlist options. Back in other halos having a ranked mode for TS, doubles, Swat, and Lone Wolves gave players other options for “competitive” , rather than just grinding out the “MLG” playlist (for when you don’t feel like sweating).

I guess doing it they way they are now makes it so if the player base gets small, que times won’t ever be long. I guess I just miss grinding ranks it those other types of playlists.

I agree but again, they still have “Beta” tag attached to the multiplayer so I have high expectations that once that goes away we will see some more variety in the playlists. Surely they don’t expect the game to survive with these one playlists fits all deals. Just have to see at official launch.