Ranked Playlists should have restrictions

After I played several matches of the other three playlists, I went into Ranked Open and found that no one on my team was playing the objective in Capture The Flag. They were treating it as Slayer and forced me to go on the defensive. One other player seemed to get the hint about the game mode and started to defend with me as well, returning the flag when possible.

In order to reduce toxic or uninformed players, Ranked playlists should implement some form of prerequisites before letting players search, similar to League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Role-queue probably wouldn’t work in Halo because there are no classes or loadouts

So, for example if a player chooses the queue to play the objective, you have to trust that it’s what they’ll do instead of them just picking that option because it has a low waiting time.

I totally agree with this. In most of my matches people rarely PTFO. I’m hoping it changes once the game releases. I’m thinking once they implement players being able to play each game mode independently in the ranked matches it’ll get better. That way people who want to play slayer can play that and not try to play slayer while in oddball or strongholds

I wasn’t thinking of a role queue, but more like players playing enough non-Ranked matches or reaching a certain average points-per-match to be able to begin matchmaking for Ranked. It filters out people who have never played Halo before and want to Rank as their first experience, and it filters out trolls who go in just to ruin the playlist for those that want to play somewhat seriously.