Ranked playlists in Halo 4?

I hope we don’t see all of this garbage in any ranked playlists. I want a clean environment where both teams start off normal. I am willing to accept defeat if my opponent out’strafed me in a 1v1 encounter with no gimmicks on either end. All of this can be dumped in social playlists, just don’t bring any of this crap in ranked. Everyone will be happy, including me, despite all of these drastic changes.

Anyone else agree?


From the GI article…no.
On the page with the blue elite between the 8th and 10th paragraph when talking about the distraction medal it mentioned not having a good k/d and still ranking up.

I made a thread 10min ago that needs some love.
Read the 3.07.12 Halo Bulletin and it doesn’t really say much but it clears up alot, well for me. Heres a quick link to my thread that has the 1 paragraph that will help alot of people out. BTW it does talk about the topic of this thread