「Ranked playlist Feedback」Player DCs should end in a Draw

Ok so this feedback exclusively pertains to the ranked playlist. If one or more players disconnect at the start of the match or within 30 seconds of the match starting (first round only) the game should end in a draw.

I just got done doing my ranked placement (got to Platinum IV) with 3 of my games starting with 1 or 2 players disconnecting at the start of the match having me and random players fight 3v4 or 2v4. I am quite certain that regardless of the DC the KDA and any applicable objective score went into account for my ranking which I probably could have gotten into Diamond I or higher.

I find it extremely unfair that players have to deal with this and I am not going to pretend I didn’t experience the other side of this where the enemy had 2 players disconnect at the start of a stronghold map. So the enemy had to fight me and 3 other players with just two of them. You would think that 343i would have a feature like this especially with years of data but I guess not.

Absolutely not! People would abuse this feature to no end. Match players you know are good, and you think you can’t beat them? Have someone quit out and the game counts as no lose. Much too easy to exploit.

Literally that makes no sense and is extremely hard to follow.

This feature I am asking for is for the first 30 seconds of a match starting so not round 2 no this is round 1 and everyone just got into a game.
I can’t find anyway this could be exploited to benefit another party especially as I just stated this feature is only for the first 30 seconds of the game starting.

Your point would hold weight if I said this feature is available each round so if they were doing bad on round 1 they could have someone leave on round 2 but again that is not what I am asking for.

Edit: There is one way your logic would be remotely applicable and here it is. You get into the game and you see 2 or more HCS pros in the ranked playlist and you decide to just leave. That is the only way or a well known pro player but even that is too far and few to be considered detrimental or exploitable.