Ranked playlist and Forge (Suggestions)

First i have to say 343 you made a very very very good game, im getting into trouble for playin it to much ;). But i do wonder why you left out some important aspects, and hope you can fix these issues in the comming updates.

In forge bungie implimented a percision mode which helped move the objects slowy into place. This has been taken out, and we need it back magnets isnt enough. Also most of the pieces are the same color, i whish you guys added more color variety. Love the map specific items, and just about everything else.

The ol` ranking system. The 1-50 specifically from halo 3. I heard we may be getting something like the comming the beggining of next year. Can anyone verify, this is a very essential part to matchmaking.

Now i’ll stop chattin and go play some Halo 4!