Ranked play - Re join

So i’ve noticed a few times in games I’ve had in the ranked matchmaking (as it is a 4v4 Arena mode, if you or a friend DC’s you don’t have an option to rejoin, this makes for an unfair an unjust match whatever side you’re on. I feel as though this should be a feature as it punishes every player for a simple packet loss or even just a random D/C with the server.


This would be an appreciated feature to see implemented in the future.

Absolutely unforgivable in 2021 honestly. The fact QP has this feature but Ranked doesn’t is the biggest travesty in Halo Infinite.

While the rest of community rants about monetization, this massive oversight gets buried.

This needs to be fixed immediately.

The fact people are more worried about the monetization shows there is a lot of people just wanting a free ride. The bigger issues are the game mechanics but not many people seem to be posting them here which is sad, this is still a “beta” for the reason they are working on it.

The monetization is a choice. As for the gameplay, its important to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. But this ranked thing has hit me a few times as my brother dc due to the server not recognizing him online. So it queued me into a match with 2 others and our fourth didn’t exist.

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When people start making comparisons to Anthem and how poor progression sunk that game, you know that underlying problem is as flimsy as the logic of comparing bottlenecked loot based progression systems to optional unlockable cosmetics.

People are calling back to Halo 3 to talk about how cosmetics are intertwined to the Halo experience, but the Halo experience starts with Halo CE and what made Halo great to begin with: revolutionary gameplay experience, solid multiplayer, a fleshed out sandbox, and a fantastic looking action packed campaign. Without the core experience of what makes Halo Halo, you have nothing. 343 has labored to give us the bones and connective tissue of a classic Halo title, I’ll give credit where credit is due, but what needs to be fleshed out is the nuance of the gameplay and the features and mechanics behind it. Progression and Monetization can wait, gameplay experience needs to come first.