Ranked play needs some work

To preface this: BTB matchmaking, PC stability issues, Oddball glitches, and anti-cheat should all be addressed first. I just wanted to give some feedback on the ranked matchmaking system because it desperately needs an overhaul. I’m going to not only point out the flaws but try and gives some ideas to solve/improve them.

- Stop the ability to queue with people that are too far out of your skill bracket.

When an Onyx player can party up and play ranked with a Silver player, that ruins all competitive integrity of any match and defeats the entire point of ranked.

The first solution here is an obvious one: block mixed-skilled players from queuing in ranked. Keep it within 1 division – Gold with Silver and Plat, Plat with Diamond and Gold – but a Diamond player couldn’t play with a Gold player, for example.

Another possible solution that could be implemented in addition to the above is having a queue for full premade lobbies only and let them rank them as one group of players. This could get more complicated on the back end, and would require some sort of in-game clan/team system. I think it could be a lot of fun and really increase the social aspect of the game, though and offer a ton of awesome experiences for players. Could create a ranked best of 3 playlist for these clans to compete in.

- Placements and rank distribution seems very, very skewed.

With the current ranked tiers, the middle 50-60% of players should be falling within mid Gold to low Plat. But the current system allows previously unranked players to place as high as Diamond, the next-to-highest division. If you haven’t been ranked in a previous season in Infinite (in season 1 that’s everyone), the highest you should place is Silver 6 and you begin your climb from there. If you have been previously ranked before, and you were Diamond+ in a previous season, getting D1 after placements is fine, but it should be the highest you can place and begin your climb from there.

- Current ranks are too easy/fast to climb.

In the current system, it appears as though it’s 50 CSR between all ranks. So to go from G1 to G2 you need to get 50 CSR, and to go from D5 to D6 you need 50 CSR. So to go from G1 to G6 that’s a total of 250 CSR, but also to go from D1 to D6 it’s the same 250 CSR needed. As you climb higher, you should start feeling the grind and needing to improve exponentially, so the CSR needed to rank up should also increase more and more. So for example, the climb from D1 to D6 should be an 800 CSR difference instead of 250. This creates a large skill gap at the higher ranks even before you get to Onyx. As it stands now, there is virtually no difference between a D1 and D6 player in terms of skill. Or at least not drastic enough to actually look and say “Oh yeah that’s why he was a tough opponent, he’s a D6 and I’m D2”… diamond is diamond, plat is plat. The 1-6 in between is just semantics with how it is now.

- Onyx has too many players

Going along with the above change, Onyx needs to be restricted to the top 1% of the active player base. If you break into Onyx and stop playing, you should also begin to lose CSR each after X-timeframe (example: 2 weeks) until you drop back to D6 and let more active players reach Onyx.

- The game seems to prioritize individual skill over the win far too much

This is actually a good thing in the lower ranks. It keeps alternate accounts from staying in the low ranks too long and moves them up quickly and helps keep the game more enjoyable for the lower ranks without getting crushed. But once you hit Diamond it should become strictly about the win.

- Rejoining matches should have been implemented day 1.

If the game crashes or a player otherwise gets disconnected, they need to be able to rejoin. A solution to this could be once you are loading into a ranked match you are locked in to that match for it’s duration. This means if you abandon your team and leave on purpose, the only thing you can do is rejoin the match or sit and wait until it’s over, or if you get disconnected/crash you are able to restart and join back up with your team.

Also going to throw in a couple other things that I’d like to see implemented that sort of relates to this. If the game starts 3v4, it should end in a draw immediately. If a player drops within the first minute of play and doesn’t return after X amount of time, it should also end in a draw. If anyone leaves at a point later in the game and doesn’t return, there should be an option to forfeit the match and end it so everyone can move on to the next match.

To anyone who made it this far: thanks for taking the time to read this. Here’s to 2022 being the year of Halo. I think these changes would make the ranked experience a much better environment.

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unfortunately for most, if not all games that have ranked modes… the Matchmaker stitching together teams that are very wide in skillgaps is a very bad sign of population drop off, first and foremost…

It’s also unfortunately an issue because Ranked is the only mode currently that has 3 separate ranks for Controller Only, K&M only and Mixed lobbies, further diluting the choices the matchmaker can make for more fair games…

if these signs are indeed accurate, then your suggestion to further lock divisions will further increase matchmaking queue times and reduces fair games exponentially because at some point the game HAS to find a game or kick everyone to the lobby because it couldn’t find any at all…

I dislike perceptually unevenly ranked match ups as much as the next guy, but I think with the player population especially in ranked, hemorrhaging so quickly, that further restrictions should be avoided for now… the last thing I want is to literally be matched with the same exact people in the same groups for like 7-10 matches in a row because the matchmaker couldn’t find anyone within my skill bracket… and I haven’t even talked about region locked matchmaking either…

Yeah I agree, but it is sort of chicken-egg thing here. The way ranked has little competitive merit when compared to other esports games makes ranked not very enticing, further dropping the population of it. Do you get the population back up and then make the system better, or make the system better to get people to come back?

This game has a good casual gameplay feel to it, and the competitive settings are finally there from the start, but the implementation of ranked is a big turn off to me continuing to play it without some much needed retuning.

Well… worst case scenario they implement the division locking thing, but limit the Ranked mode to controller or Mixed lobby only, which would utterly kill the K&M competitive scene since I bet anything that this is currently the lowest populated playlist due to the difficulty and the current issues with registration plaguing the game…

if I am being honest, I genuinely don’t know what is best for ranked because with me getting older and working for a living, which means less time to play and my reaction times getting worse and worse, even after I finally managed to reach Onyx, I don’t know how long I can honestly keep it, regardless of the control scheme used (so at that point the displayed rank is kind of meaningless)…

I do enjoy ranked because it’s where people are most likely to take a game seriously and use Mics/Pings and communication to win which is similar to the MLG playlists of Ye Old Days. it also feels better to win in ranked because you’re earning the win using not just aim skill, tho being able to consistently win your BR duels is still gonna make a huge difference…

Sorry for the ramble there, but I do genuinely want Ranked to feel better, just don’t really know how, I mean how do you fix player population issue? Even IF they make the game 100% perfect and everything finally works, and there’s tons of new maps and all that, no guarantee people will come back, no guarantee they’ll even dedicate time playing Ranked, especially if they DO add many more restrictions…

On the bright side, nobody is really complaining about match times being too slow. It’s also possible the population isn’t as low as the community perceives it.

One thing I find interesting is how “Unranked” players are matched into teams and frequently. I don’t know how the algorithm works to determining your starting rank, but am curious how it plays a role in creating unbalanced teams. After all, the system needs to determine the player’s skill somehow. Maybe, they should have went with a more simplistic design where everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up. There’s no perfect design though, as I sure as hell know how unbalanced Halo 2’s ranking system was, with so many smurfs rolling through the lower ranks.

I do enjoy Ranked the most, and it’s ironically because I feel like I get more balanced games there. Plus, BR starts is a good turn on for me in this game. I like to say that Ranked is the new Social.

The system is a ranking tool for matchmaking.

It is not an XP grind.

If you are ranked Diamond or above that’s is where you should be placed.

The minimum D1 is because the system needs a lot more games to sort the top end as the top players don’t play each other enough to sort properly. It’s also why the CSR changes is capped for Onyx.

The skill of the population would be a normal distribution. The ranks can be ascribed to the horizontal axis. 1 to 50 or Bronze to Onyx… It doesn’t matter. TrueSkill2 can find your position very quickly.

The grind is meeting your match. At least for most players.

It breaks down at the top end because the top players don’t play each other enough for the system to do the final sorting accurately. So they put a brake on it and give you a set amount of CSR to climb out fall. It’s still pretty accurate - you know that Onyx 1850 is a very good player… But you have no way of knowing how that 1850 in Europe compares to the 1900 in South America because they (and their peers) just don’t play each other enough.

It’s why the Champ status didn’t work.

Overall, I think putting the MMR out there was a mistake.