Ranked Penalty and My thoughts on the Game

Alright so I was playing Ranked M&K and I’m in Plat 4. I got CTF and almost immediatly two of my teamates left the match, making it an easy win for the enemy team and me and my other teammate essentially trying to save our kd. I get that rank is easier to grind than before and that if you go positive yet lose you keep your kd, but this shouldn’t be an alternative. Now i don’t know if there is a penalty seeing as i haven’t left a match yet, but from what i’m seeing there is no penalty. I propose a simple fix of adding a time penalty or loss of elo similar to MCC and games like R6. Also I feel like there should be more info in game as to how ranked works so people who only play the game don’t know how it works and also maybe the addition of Ranked sections because as stated before, im mid plat, almost diamond as of writing this and I have gotten in to queues with unrankeds and also golds or people lower than me. Other than that, I really like the gunplay and though a lot are saying the ttk is to slow, i think it’s great since it’s how halo should be, about accuracy. My ownly real problem is ranked (as stated before), customization (Which is for most reasons that other people are saying it’s bad and i feel there should be a lvl system with armor from doing challenges/achievments, similar to halo 3), and the gamemodes. Gamemodes i do realize will be added later down, but i do hope some party game modes get added as a lot of friends are more casual than me and generally just play infected. More importantly i feel like you should be able to pick you gamemode since i have been seeing a lot of people just not going for obj in soloq and just focusing on kills and also this would help with more kill focused players stay relatively in their lane and objective lovers in our lanes. This could be similar to ranked in halo 5 with it’s different rankings.