Ranked Oddball in Recharge in a nutshell

Get the Oddball, go straight to the Maintenance Bay, (which if you don’t know, is that small room on the top of the map, usually with the Commando Rifle.), hide out there with your teammates until a million grenades comes into the tiny room, then for the other team to come in and start meleeing everyone because the room is so confided, and eventually get the oddball. Respawn miles away from the other team and attack them all by yourself (because
your teammates won’t cooperate) only to keep dying while attacking the other team.

(Sorry if it sounds like i’m a jerk, I just lost a ranked oddball match if it isn’t obvious.)

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Or go to Energy Sword spawn in blue room and get repulsed off the map hundreds of times because the carrier always camps in the corner.

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or hid in elevator and try to get at least ten pointsbefore dying in 1/2 a second…you know, now that i come to think of it, recharge does stink in odd-ball. other than that it is a pretty good map for swat and fiesta.

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I mean to be fair thats literally every map when playing Oddball, find cozy campy place with minimum entrys/exits, have team mates support, lather rinse repeat

Oddball on Asylum in H:R was the same way, Oddball on Guardian in H3 was the same way

I just wish they’d make the oddball a 1HK again