Ranked needs reworking

  1. The Matchmaking NEEDS to be based on the Visible Rank. NOT MMR. That is the ENTIRE point of having ranks. You are supposed to face the people in that rank and if you can beat them you will be able to move up to face the people in the next rank. Ranked doesnt mean DEAD EVEN skill level games, its a mode to climb the rank ladder until you reach the top or cant make it any further.
  2. The placement cap should be Gold 1. Losing all games should put you in Bronze 1, winning between 1 and 4 games should be bronze 2-6, winning 5-7 games Silver 1-3, 8-9 games Silver 4-6 and winning all 10 would be Gold 1. This way the placements dont immediately get you to the top ranks and you still need to climb a portion of the ladder. And since the placements have separated people already, everyone climbing the ladder will do so with players of the correct skill level until they reach the highest rank they should be able to and it becomes more difficult to win games and climb further.
  3. Rank points should be based strictly on Win/Loss. You can have bonus points for playing well (for both objective play and K/D) but the bulk of the CSR points won or lost should be whether you won the game or not. And you should ALWAYS be getting a certain amount of points for a win and ALWAYS losing a certain amount of points for a loss.
  4. You should only spawn with one frag grenade in ranked.
  5. There need to be more ranked playlists:
    Lone Wolves - 6 Player FFA Slayer
    Team Doubles - 2v2 Team Slayer
    Arena - 4v4 Strongholds, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball
    Team Slayer - 4v4 Team Slayer
    Attrition - 4v4 Attrition
    Monthly Rotating Playlist - 4v4 Team Snipers, 1v1 Slayer, FFA Snipers, SWAT, etc.
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The ENTIRE point of skill ranks is to work out your skill and use it to match-make.

And the game doesn’t try for DEAD EVEN matches. They know that creates a grid-lock. There are variables that track “form” and try and find you higher or lower ranked teams to allow your rank to change.

The placement cap is currently a conservative estimate of your MMR. The system is 98% sure it’s higher. But you have to convince the system you deserve it.

You can’t place someone purely on wins or losses. Modern ranking systems use the relative skill of your opponents to decide how far you should rank up or down. That’s why they are so much faster.

Again with the points. You are putting an artificial brake on the system. If you beat a team you deserve points that reflect the quality of the opposition.

Two grenades is fine.

Agree with more ranked playlists. One is a bit dry. Really like the idea of rotating the quieter ones through.

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