Ranked multiplayer issues (desync, hit registration, team balance)

A lot of the rank system is so messed up it doesn’t make any sense.
1- it’s like a total crapshoot as to whether I’m gonna gain or lose rank. I’m currently diamond 2 and I’ll win a game and be top of the leaderboard and maybe gain 1/8 of a rank, sometimes nothing at all. I was 1/4 into diamond 3 won two games and gained NOTHING, lost one game of strongholds by 10pts top of the leaderboard and it dropped me to halfway through diamond 2 then I slowly climbed a little higher again and after winning a game it dropped me to the beginning of diamond 2. This rank system makes no sense. Getting kills seems to soften the blow but I can’t do that when most of my teammates don’t play objectives and we lose.
2- the hit registration and desync is ATROCIOUS! I’ll occasionally ply a game where all my shots are actually registering, I’ll kill almost people in three shots no problem finished the last game I had like that with a k/d of 24/10 then I’ll play a match where I’ll fire 5+ headshots into each guy and his shields don’t break, I’ll go back and watch it in theater and I’m shooting like 3ft to the left of him and over his head it’s impossible to play competitive like this!
3-like I said I’m in diamond and I’m constantly playing games that are so unbalanced, my last match was against all diamonds and an onyx and I had a gold 3 player a platinum and an unranked guy on my team, needless to say we got crushed. On top of that players are CONSTANTLY quitting, half my matches aren’t full lobbies and of course we lose when we’re missing players then I’ll get horribly penalized but sometimes I won’t lose rank at all it doesn’t make any sense.

These are the issues with ranked that I think are the most prevalent. They make it totally impossible to actually play competitively because my actual skill isn’t being presented when the teams are unbalanced or the server isn’t registering my actual movements and shots.

Anyone feel free to add to this list hopefully 343 sees this and can work on some solutions.


Wait until you get in the Onyx you got to constantly deal with PC cheaters with there wall hacks

Wonderful, can’t wait for that…

So what is the issue with the matchmaking in general? I get teammates who go 3 kills / 10 deaths or 3/8 in a team slayer in ranked and the enemy team is 15/4 and completely opposite. I thought ranked matches are about everyone being equally ranked thus every match should be a tight one with about equal skill on both sides? These teammates just let everyone through.
Is this how ranked is supposed to be working - random matches against randomly ranked people? I thought I’d start to play Infinite because I think any recent online multiplayer game is more or less crap but as it turns out, I don’t really know about this one either. This game stinks the more I spend time with it.

Yeah, the SBMM is terrible. Realistically the only time your lobbies should be unbalanced is if YOU are unbalanced (you being gold or whatever and a Diamond buddy) but if you’re solo queueing the entire lobby should be within 1-2 ranks of yourself.

It’s impossible to level grind when you’re always playing teams that are either exponentially better than you, or exponentially worse. It’s hard to get a feel for what you need to work on, and how to improve. 100% agree


Well with the state of SBMM I don’t understand how they can give you various amounts of progression based on how decisively you win or lose, if I beat a team of golds and platinums I’m m gonna win by a lot. But if I beat people within my rank odds are it’ll be a closer game why do I deserve rank progression for crushing an easy to beat team. Sure it takes the rank of the people you’re playing into account but I’m likely not gonna crush a team of equally ranked players in the diamond tier so why should I earn less progress when beating players of my own tier is harder than crushing those in tiers below me.

Biggest thing besides technical issues… is they need to add MMR restriction, period. Idc if you want to play ranked with a friend, it needs to be as close as possible to your rank. Tough luck if you can’t play with your friend, this is ranked. No more diamond+onyx players boosting with low ranks, or having golds in your onyx matches. It’s dumb.