Ranked mode seems kinda broken and needs fixing

I wouldnt call myself a very good player at the game and yet I was able to place into mid plat after my placements. 6 game losing streak later and I didn’t de-rank at all, let alone lose MMR. If ranked is going to be any sort of representation of your skill compared to other players it cant be a glorified leveling system. 343 could honestly move the current ranking system into social modes and call it progression for how little it represents player skill. If you are playing a ranked mode you should be more invested in the game because you actually have something to lose if you don’t win, not to just make a progress bar go up.


It massively over weights personal performance metrics as opposed to wins. Brainlessly pushing and getting obj points is better for your rating than enabling your team. It also makes losing rating beyond just crashing out or quitting almost impossible. You have to both lose the match and have very poor personal stats to lose any progress.

For reference I went 8-2 in Mixed input and placed Plat 4. Then I went 9-1 in Mouse only and placed Plat 6. Solo queue only.

It’s not a good system. It incentivizes stat padding even if it means you’re losing more games.


Totally agree. What is the point of getting a high placement if the game is just trying to funnel you into Diamond+

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