Ranked Mode Feedback

Ranked needs more of a pull to play imo. Played my first 10 matches and hit Diamond which was great but didn’t really feel like I gained anything from that. I can’t see how I compare with others so it’s pretty much irrelevant.

Features to add:

  1. Leaderboards - self explanatory but a leaderboard to see how you compare across the board / against friends.

  2. A Clan / Spartan Team System - For those like mr who play as a team, a system where we can create out clan or Spartan Team, create a logo and have a rank for our clan which we then increase by facing other clans in a Clan ranked mode.

You could even have the intro screen show the clan logo and name to make each match more personal.

  1. More maps!

  2. A ranked mode selector i.e. CTF, Slayer etc

  3. A single life mode e.g. a Search & Destroy type mode

Other) The ability to create a custom emblem for your character (and clan if added). This was a feature in Halo 3 I would love to see return.