Ranked Matchmaking will be based on CSR instead of MMR

“Last, but certainly not least, we are also working on an update to Ranked matchmaking that will primarily match players based on their current CSR. Our existing system matches purely based on skill rating (MMR), which is closely tied to CSR, but led to some confusion when viewing the ranks in the Post-Game Carnage Report.”

Thank god, finally.


All of the changes in that update were great. My only problem is why do we have to lose Ranked FFA and Ranked Doubles before these changes come into effect? Why cant they keep those two playlists permanent to see how much better they play and perform with these changes? Also they need to make Ranked FFA 6 players again, 8 players is too many for ranked.


I wish we weren’t losing them

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Yeah, looking forward to this.

Need some more detail here.

But if they are now going to rank off CSR - there are two options;

  1. CSR is going to be more volatile - and move faster with your MMR (both up and down).

and / or…

  1. MMR is going to be less volatile. Which means it will be less responsive to changes in form. And smurfing is going to be easier.

If the CSR is still capped at 15 points (which it sounds like from their chat re: quit penalties), then it’s going to be more a case of the latter.

The other thing that may need to change is the CSR post placement. Currently it’s sent way to the left of your mu value. To minimise the number of mismatched games they will need to tuck it in a bit closer to mu (with the consequence that your rank may fall post placement).

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LETSS GOOOO!!! When is this happening

Ok. Coffee is kicking in.

Two things stuck out from Unyshek’s post.

I thought one of the main issues people were having difficulty was that personal performance wasn’t affecting CSR gains and losses?

And after nearly 1000 data points I couldn’t find any correlation between any performance metric (including KPM) and the post game CSR change.

So what is he actually referencing here? Something we didn’t think was happening is being taken away?


I guess it comes down to what they mean by “primarily”.

If you are going to match on CSR then you are going to get slightly uneven matches. Which in itself isn’t bad - the ranking system works more efficiently when there is a degree of imbalance.

I guess the “primarily” bit allows the system to still use the MMR to adjust for form and/or Smurfing type behaviours.

This is a good change, the ranked system should be climbing a ladder in lobbies of similar CSR players. Tired of having lower-ranked players getting into high CSR lobbies because of their inflated MMR. Also, making CSR gains based on wins will reward more teamplay and less selfish playstyles.


I love that I’ll be able to specifically see what I gained or lost not based on an arrow pointing up or down as an Onyx player. I’m looking forward to having gained XP based on success of my team and I not just I. This update made me very happy for the integrity of ranked Halo Infinite.


Win you level up, lose you level down. One of the most simplistic ranking system that is finally coming back into Halo. I’m very happy and pleased with this change.


Finally this will make more sense… no more hidden ranking system! (Hopefully if they are being honest)

Referencing the OBJ players that get thrown under the bus. But yield the W for their team.

You also get higher-ranked players getting into low CSR lobbies because of deflated MMR.

And in most cases it’s not that bad because the MMR is fluctuating with form.

Where it jars the most is probably with MMRs across different game modes. Your performance in CTF, for example, may be much better or worse than your averaged MMR (and hence CSR).

I’m not sure that part of the equation is going to change much here.

It has always been based on the wins. Primarily.

Ever since TrueSkill was introduced.

Sadly people are just -yoinks- and will keep playing for themselves.

For example. KD has never been a ranking metric. Yet there are people out there that just can’t be convinced that it isn’t - and play in a way to protect their KD in spite of the objective and/or result.

It’s sad, but that will probably never change.

The numbers will make it so much easier.

Currently I have a little ruler that I made that I can put up against the bar post game. It works pretty well vs the bar in your Waypoint stats - which is a lot wider than the one on the Xbox.

But an on-screen number is very welcome.

I’m not entirely sure what has changed.

The CSR changes post game sound like they are going to be a bit more consistent? But the CSR is still going to chase the MMR?

We need more information on how this is going to be different.

I would love to seem them describe the actual algorithm.

TrueSkill2 is still there. It will find your ranking during placement. It will still guide your CSR. It still has an effect on matchmaking (which is why they used the term “primarily” with the CSR matching).

And they didn’t go into any specifics on how CSR will actually be allocated between players.

Your MMR has always worked primarily on the win. So teams who ignore the objective have always put themselves behind the 8-ball.

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“We’ve made it more configurable and set up the configuration so that a win or loss for the whole team matters more than individual performance when determining the CSR gains and losses for each player.”

The way it is worded seems like it was not always the case that winning rewarded the entire team, but relied more on individual performance.

or 3, they dont care about mmr trying to match csr anymore. which is good

I agree that it does. But it’s just confusing.

TrueSkill2 only weights against kill rates and death rates. And they push the MMR. Not the post match CSR change.

I recorded hundreds of CSR changes and mapped them against K, D, A, KD, K-D, KDA, KPM, DPM, and objective scores. And there was no real correlation.

What is supposed to happen is that KPM affects your MMR change (again, just a weighting that more affects the rate that it moves) - and that then changes the pull of your MMR on your CSR in the next game.

So it’s not really clear what was affecting the CSR - and what they have changed.

Maybe they have slowed the pull of the MMR on the CSR? - and just didn’t want to over complicate the discussion.

If your CSR stops reflecting your MMR we are in big trouble.

Especially if matching is more CSR based.

That would result in a lot of very unbalanced games.

I’ll hold off on my opinion till I actually see this system in action.

Don’t like getting hyped before I actually see it for myself how it works.

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The problem is that we won’t know the actual algorithm. Or even the exact metrics involved.

So as soon as that first match finishes and you see team-mates getting more or less CSR than you - people are going to panic and assume their KD wasn’t good enough.

And we’re back to square one.

they might have a back up system that switches to mmr matching if someone is winning too much. Then switch them back to csr matching when their mmr and csr meet again. No one wants perfectly balanced matches anyway. what we want is 2 teams sort of close in skilll that ALL want to win rather than care about their personal performance in a losing match.