Ranked matchmaking needs serious work

Hey there everyone, got a bit of a rant on our hands here.

Would like to preface this post first by saying that I love Halo Infinite very very much. To me, it is truly a spectacular game and is the first game in a long time that the ranked experience is both fun and immensely competitive… MOST of the time.

Me, like most other people on this planet, have a job. This job requires me to be jobbing late at night, so when I get home, I am on the cusp of bedtime. Thus, I like to get my ranked grind in in the morning (GMT). Incidentally, this also happens to be the worst and least enjoyable ranked experience for me.

Aside from the usual issues of players not loading in etc, in the morning I will get instant queue pops that take me straight into an OCE server, literally the other side of the planet, where I am forced to play out a game on 270 ping, for the same meagre CSR rewards I would claim in a 30 ping game. In fact, this post is inspired by me losing a meaty 10 CSR just now because I was placed into an OCE server and I went negative (unsurprisingly). In the morning this is happening to me in more than 50% of my matches.

I honestly think it’s absolutely bonkers that MCC has a system in place that allows you to choose your server preferences before you even start searching and that is completely absent in Halo Infinite. It makes what is usually a very competitive experience completely unplayable. I would much rather wait for an extra 5-10 minutes in queue for a 30 ping match than wait no time at all for a game in which I’ll just lose free CSR. It’s not fair for both me and my teammates.

I have no doubt that this issue will be fixed by 343 at some point, but this post is more to implore 343 to resolve this sooner, rather than later. It’s one of a few minor blemishes on the ranked playlist that is hindering it from being something truly amazing.

Thanks for reading.