Ranked Matchmaking makes no sense

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After my 10 placement matches, to my utter amazement, I was given a Gold 4 rank in slayer and now I continuously get matched against Onyx, Champion, and upper level Diamond players in nearly every match I play in ranked slayer even in “focused” matchmaking type. Can someone explain how that makes sense?

If its using a hidden account wide ELO to place me into games then that actually defeats the entire purpose of giving a game type specific rank. Shouldn’t Gold Slayer players get match-made games with other gold level players, and so on and so forth throughout the entire ranking structure for each level? With the current situation, it makes improving my rank to where I actually should be nearly insurmountable as I would have to consistently beat these Onyx and Champion players to even get out of Gold.

Photos of recent games with focused matchmaking:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet