Ranked matchmaking imbalance

Does anyone here find that they have incredibly imbalanced match-ups in ranked matchmaking? I’m sitting on a 28% win rate overall in ranked at the moment, and when we remove the games where I was still unranked, my win rate is something to the tune of ~18% in the past 100 games or so. In the games that I’ve lost, my team tends to get obliterated (steaked in slayer, 5 capped in flag, 250-38 in strongholds, etc.). I am a diamond 6 in Open queue and Diamond 1 in Solo/Duo but I am consistently matched up against Onyx ~1650, with at least one 1700+ per game (with the occasional 1950 player dropping in to say hi every few games). If you check my last game, which was my first game as a Diamond 1, every opponent was an Onyx 1850+ in Open queue.

It’s to the point where my friends simply won’t play Halo anymore because on some nights we go 0-8 or 0-13 as a team, which makes for quite a depressing experience given we are all working adults and have limited time to play. Does everyone here find that the vast majority of their ranked games are incredibly lopsided or are most people hovering around a 50% win rate as is the norm?