Ranked Matches starting 3v4

Is anything being done to address this?

Few things are more infuriating than when that long introduction rolls and then you see that your team only has three players…and then you proceed to get demolished for the next 10 minutes. I experience this in about a quarter of my ranked matches and I swear the next time it happens I’m going to uninstall.

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It’s absolutely ridiculous to start the match 3v4.

Mark the quitter down as a ‘L’ and put everyone back in the matching pool.

Nobody wants to run around in a dead match.

Or, if you are going to start the match - at least give the missing player a chance to log back in. And temporarily suspend power weapons and equipment to at least give the 3 team a chance to compete.

Bit extreme isn’t it.

I had a game start 3v3 earlier and my teammate instantly quit. Pretty sure the Muppet thought it was 3v4.

I agree if the game is 4v3 in the first 1 second then end the game and back to lobby. It’s frustrating, and some teams might abuse this Vs teams they don’t want to play but it would solve a lot of frustration. Only annoying thing with that is it can be frustrating too. Splitgate works like that and sometimes you’d load out of like 6-7 straight games and spend 20+ minutes searching just to be rejected to the lobby.

I’d take that over playing a 3v4 though. It’s not fun for either team.

Know what you mean. One of my ranked match started 2 VS 4. Obvious, i was in the Team of 2. Was an oddball match.
But the other team showed good sportsmanship. They just grabbed the ball, kept it and didnt chase us.