Ranked lobby’s and challenges

It’s been said but ranked needs a overhaul, there should be no reason that a match is starting with 3 players on one side and 4 on the other. Overwatch will flat out cancel a match if someone is disconnected or leaves within the first 2 minutes. This would be a greatly appreciated feature if they added it into halo.

Also, I don’t think there should be ranked weekly challenges. You play ranked for the rank. I don’t want to have to play ranked some days just to complete a challenge.



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Congrats on your first post here, welcome to the official halo rage site, where all halo fans come here eventually for the sake of their sanity and change (to improve halo).

Yeah it was pretty hard to get the ultimate reward, especially if you’re are ranked high or are ranked accurately in ranked.
On top of that I just finished all the challenges to get a backdrop I most likely will never use :sweat:

I think they throw these challenges out to see the data back and statistics to see how many people are complaining these challenges.

At least the reward wasn’t an actual armor piece, I think the community would have flipped. Because like you and other’s I’ve heard, don’t play rank and don’t want anything to do with it.

But then they but the battle rifle as a rank started I think to get people into rank. They sure got me. I would of thought big team battle would give you the battle rifle but I guess it’s too competitive? :woozy_face:

MCC had Assault rifle/battle rifle starter in big team battle… I think like w/ challenges, it’s to promote rank. It’s the same reason theirs only one rank mode. The more rank modes, the less rank players can match together in one mode. So I think it’s all promotional.

100% agree with this. Players who want nothing to do with ranked games should not need to play it.


Completely agree with both of you. If our hearts aren’t in to playing ranked, then what’s the point? We may or may not be in it to win it, so why screw over those who enjoy ranked?

Anyways, I’ve given up on the challenges. It’s just not worth it when I keep getting put into higher ping lobbies. It hurts my feelings. :cry:


Exactly! Feels like 70% of my challenges involve ranked after the last update. The people who do not want to play ranked shouldn’t have to play it just to complete challenges. I’m stuck with one unswappable challenge to win 5 ranked matches. So now I have no choice but to play ranked in order to progress.


Yeah that challenge is something ain’t it? Knowing that your enemies probably have the same challenge didn’t make the games any easier.

Sadly I don’t think I’ll ever use that ultimate reward backdrop :pensive: at least it’s in my collection as a memory :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I used 3 swaps to remove ranked challenges last night just to be replaced by more ranked challenges. I love ranked play. But being honest I’m having a bad week and want to take a break haha. My buddy used 4 the other day and same thing happened to him. It’s ridiculous.