Ranked is kind of too easy

There kind of is though. The rank system is skewing stupidly high for a ton of people. Until someone in here said they placed in Gold I had no idea people were placing below Plat 3.

I’ve tried looking on halotracker but it just gives me stats for my lifetime (225 matches) as opposed to the 10 I played in ranked.

I’m pleased one of the answers has helped your understanding, but the thread wasn’t started to encourage discussion about the ranked system.

I’m not gonna dwell on it

I just looked at your stats and you have better stats then my brother… By a large margin. Hell you have better stats then on my throwaway that I play when drunk and that’s D1… you sir got shafted.

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I think I may have been unlucky with my teammates for the 10 placement games. It was solo queue.

I play almost exclusively Controller/Solo Queue, I originally placed Gold 3 which shocked me because I know I’m better than that. I’ve gotten myself up to Plat 3 (pretty much where I belong). It seems like the placement system is totally wonky, but over time it does even out if you keep playing.

I placed P4 but my team mates are low Gold or Silver. I enjoy playing with my real life friends as we always have a good laugh, but I do prefer playing ranked games however it’s a pointless as they get destroyed when I play with them in ranked so we generally stick to quick play or BTB. Might have to find a team to play with in ranked at some point.

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This gives me hope. I might try it again sometime.

Diamond 1 is definitely the max CSR placement. Saw a few pros on my climb from diamond → onyx (who of course dumped on and/or carried me badly) in the first couple days, and they were all diamond.

It does feel like everything is shifted a full division up from halo 5. I had to try very hard to get into Onyx rank in any list but SWAT in Halo 5, and I’m confident I would not have been able to hit Onyx in the HCS list, but effortlessly climbed to onyx in Infinite. I don’t think I lost rank from Diamond 1 → Onyx except for one game where my game crashed and it gave me a quit.

I’ve seen plenty of platinum players, though, and my friend who intentionally played badly to hit Silver matches with all kinds of bad players. So they exist… you just won’t ever see them if you are Diamond or higher, because the SBMM is so strict throughout the game that you will permanently be playing with players more skilled than bronze–>gold.

all the the way to the floor

Add me JMertz22 on XBL. Plat 3 in Controller/Solo Queue. I’m always looking for players of similar skill to team up with!

haven’t played, trying to level up my skill before going in there, in H5 ranked got a message once “you suck”, this “new” community of infinite is less united.

Na the problem is winning the game and still losing progress on your division. 3 times yesterday I’ve had people on my team who are Diamond 6 have their progress go down even though we won the game. Granted they went negative by 1 or 2 kills but in flag or ball that’s going to happen sometimes in order to win. Yet they are penalized for it smh that’s idiotic

Nice one. Are you based in UK/EU?

My friend sent me a screen shot of one of his games, he’s gold 1 and had to play diamond 6 and an onyx 1868. If I remember right, gold 1 is 600-650. Shouldn’t happen in “ranked”. They are going to stomp him, duh. His highest teammate was platinum 6 - which is still only 1150-1199 I think.

And these problems become apparent if you search with friends of wide skill differences. Diamond 1, platinum 2, gold 5 and gold 1 all search together and find a team of 2 diamonds and 2 unranked. A few games later and we get an army of golds.

Yeah something weird is going on. I’m in Onyx but routinely see players as low as Platinum 1 either on my team or the opponent’s team. Maybe they’re just playing with friends who are in diamond/onyx, but it’s a bit strange.

I hardly ever remember playing with or against players as low as Platinum when I played at Onyx in Halo 5.

That’s just because everyone is starting out on the same level. Over time, the people who deserve to move up will move up, and vice versa. It takes time.

I think a big problem is we can place in diamond 1 - diamond starts getting onyx players. So you can get unranked players pulling in bronze - onyx (in theory I’d say gold - onyx for a good unranked player).

I also remember in h5 in later seasons - I was mainly platinum or diamond and mainly played platinum and diamond players.

I’ll probably catch flak, but we probably shouldn’t be able to place above gold 6 in 10 matches. I’d actually be willing to say gold 1. But I know people would complain, and with seasonal reset I would also understand where in old rank systems we never reset. Isn’t gold 6 / platinum 1 the cut off line between the top half and bottom half players in this system? I think it’s supposed to be that bell curve if I remember right where gold and platinum contain half the players in general (25% to 75% percentiles).

I’m in the US, but I don’t mind a little lag every now and then lol I’m in it for the fun and the camaraderie.

I had a guy complain about this to me the other day - what, you want me to just stand there with the ball or run 1mph around a shallow bend, while you 3 are on the other side of the map? At least attempt to survive.

Seriously, brains.