Ranked is kind of too easy

It seems like everyone is placing Diamond 1 and that it’s almost impossible to get any rank below that. I’m assuming Diamond 1 is the max rank you can get in placements though. The only time I ever lost CSR going from Diamond 1 to Onyx was when I was Diamond 6 and I had maybe 1/2 bad games. Other than that I either just stayed at the same CSR when I lost or I gained CSR for winning.

The issue with this comes when you start getting players who might have some understanding of FPS games like COD, but they just don’t understand how halo works. You get into extremely frustrating games where your team mates just do stupid stuff such as try to place the flag in while the enemy has your own or holding the oddball while getting shot at in a 1v1. I do enjoy the fact that people are trying out Halo Infinite but it does get frustrating when people who deserve to be higher than Diamond 1 are stuck with the players who are plat or low diamond and now you have to be with them as a team.


Damn I feel like you’re personally calling me out tbh. Sorry we aren’t all good at Halo. I’d love to play more but I dont have the time I once did when I was younger. Let us old farts enjoy our precious gaming time.


the problem isn’t players like you, it’s the system ranking you with other players who better than you yet are still in the same que pool so the games are so inconsistent skill wise.

When i solo que it’s honestly a shock at some of the players i match with.


I got gold 3, thanks a lot…


I got Plat 3/4, can’t remember. Mostly because I was top of leaderboard but lost 8/10 matches.

I lost most of my placements and didn’t even perform that well. I still got Diamond 1.

The game takes into account your hidden MMR, and I’ve played a lot of social games and tend to do well. The game placed me relative to where my MMR actually is. I get matched up with Diamond 6s.

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It is super hard for me. I keep getting paired with randoms who do not know how to play the objectiveor are just bad. Im just vibing at Gold V with no movement. Its not even fun to play ranked solo.

I ranked platinum 5 playing with two others who ranked plat 1 and silver 5. I played solo and grinder to diamond 1.

I think the current system is more forgiving for decent performances even during a loss. I think that’s perfectly fine.

However the ranks in matches are still inconsistent. I’ll have games where my team is a D1 (me) and three mid plays versus one high plat and 3 diamond players.

I agree. This ranked system is better for the top %1 maybe but not good for everyone else. The game barely runs at 50fps on my rig rn and I get massive drops and was shocked that I still placed Plat6 because I didn’t “pop off” although I did better than a majority. That was also playing with my friends as well who are silver players. One of them is Diamond already just from playing and this is someone who was a 38 staff colonel in H3 and very low in H5. Maybe it has something to do with MMR and people not losing enough for a loss idk.

If its too easy for you play something else that’s actually going to give you a challenge

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I got silver 6.
:musical_note:How low can you go?:musical_note:


really im finding it difficult to go above diamond 4. i get half way through diamond 4 of two games then 6 games go terribly where im placed with onyx ranks. i only want to against onyx if i am onyx im trying to get just to get the emblem. but im finding lower ranks are smoking more often then they should, it seems very broken.
and most of my team mates are plats or diamond 1`s very rarely am i in a game with people who are the same rank as me

I think people are generally placing higher than they should because it’s so early in the game, there’s no reference point for the game’s system. I remember H5 had the same system and my very first placing at launch was onyx… I promise you I was no where NEAR an actual onyx player, more like gold at best. Same thing with this game. I’m a lot better now in general but I’m still not amazing at the game, I have a lot of inconsistencies. I placed diamond 1 in open and now I’m kind of stuck because for whatever reason even though my rank is diamond 1 and I honestly feel like I should be somewhere in platinum, the game has a habit of matching me against a mix of high diamond/onyx teams who are completely out my league and I know the game knows this because every time I get destroyed, I don’t derank lol So thanks game, ranked kinda disheartening for me right now.

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It’s hard to say. I’d never expect to be anything other than Onyx, but I would say the quality of some Diamond players is particularly poor. Some of them perform what I’d expect of a Gold player in H5. People are definitely running too high right now with too many people in Diamond.

Also Diamond 1 is the highest you can go for placements. Glad I have had the opportunity to grind a little to get Onyx but it does feel a bit low. Diamond 3 seemed more appropriate in H5.

I also have the issue that I can’t play ranked on kbm because it has put me in Diamond 1. I really shouldn’t be in Diamond 1 for kbm.

I’[ve been put off ranked for abit because people my rank at plat 5 was 6 they don’t seem to do the objectives as much as I do and it’s quite bad to see

I placed in Plat 5. Currently hit my highest last night of Diamond 3 and right at 3.5 right now. It’s starting to get harder now as i’ve played a against a couple onyx players mixed in on the enemy team. the matchmaking is still horrible though.

I am not saying I got silver 4. I may know somebody who got silver 4 but it wasn’t me. I did not get silver 4. I am sure they are gold now. Probably gold 3. Wasn’t me though.


I placed plat 3 and am at D2 now in controller solo/duo queue. Somehow my friend who is about as good as me placed d2 and got up to onyx pretty easily. Neither of us ever got past d6 in h5.

What annoys me is the rank spreads in each game. Instead of mostly mid diamond players Im getting lots of mid plats or if im lucky high diamond players. So many games Ive won or lost and barely moved because the ranks were lopsided

If you do not mind me asking. How many games did you lose and what did your k/d and objective time look like.

I only ask because my brother who sucks at shooters but played the OBJ went 5/5 on win/loss but had a ton of oddball time, flag caps, and zone caps. He had like a .90 k/d but placed Plat 4.

Genuinely dislike topics that are basically veiled ways of bragging. Completely pointless. There is nothing constructive about the ranking system in this post whatsoever.

I’m a Diamond 2 though so my opinion doesn’t carry much weight.

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