Ranked is busted, ban the smurfs

Halo 5 is a joke now and I can’t defend it anymore, every account in ranked is literal 580g and obviously way better than your average player at the game so why is this. And before I’m completely dismissed I was onyx for a few seasons/halo games and now according to the system (depending on the mode) im Gold4-Diamond1. The last teo seasons all ive gotten are people who have 0g-700g either carrying 20-0 or crying cause they are losing then getting off because they can just play on another account. If something isnt done about all the smurf accounts, no amount of fan service or ‘cool new lore’ will get me or any other hardcore halo players to buy halo infinite. The community is a far cry from the honor/fun we used to get, right now and you can plainly see that 6/8players in a bronze-gold match have only halo 5 competitive time and 0-800g You’ve had a chance for a while 343 to get this game right and punishing people down into lower tiers because they dont leave matches and they dont smurf is absurd.

Tl;Dr - Skill based match making is implimented for a reason, making a smurf account just tells the world youre a snowflake who needs to put himself in winning situations just so they can feel good about themselves. And when you leave cause you arent carrying thats even sadder because you put yourself in that ‘winning situation’
343 stop punishing ranked players who get smurfs/leavers/both in a match, this is why halo 5 dropped from the most played games on the xbox list.

Matchmaking systems already have detection for things like this. Feel free to use the existing matchmaking feedback threads. If you link up some recent games, Dr. Menke can potentially provide some feedback on them