Ranked is broken -devs ignore

If you haven’t read it yet, do it: https://www.halowaypoint.com/news/closer-look-halo-infinites-ranked-experience


All games you play impact your expected performance (MMR), which in turn impacts how much you gain or lose in a ranked game (CSR).

In theory this sounds good. In practice, it’s really dumb. Essentially, everything you do (social, BTB, fiesta) impacts how the system rates you as a player. So when you fire up ranked, it uses that as a baseline to determine your elo rate (up or down).

The MASSIVE problem with that is, people don’t play the same with social playlists at they do ranked. For example, I play with friends (sometimes having drinks) when I hit up social and BTB. I play ranked very differently, as do most people. Can someone explain why my performance in a fun, casual mode should have any bearing whatsoever on my rewards in a ranked system?

All that does is make me (and others) have to sweat in social, since the system tries to match the CSR or MMR. MMR being an accumulation of skill across ALL game modes.

This essentially removes a safe space to mess around and instead makes everything an extension of ranked.

Ranked should be it’s own thing. CSR vs CSR. Nothing else. Simple. If I’m 1500 and beat 1600 players, I should go up, a lot. The inverse should be true too. Adding that superfluous extra layer of MMR to ranked serves no purpose at all. Other than to obscure what’s really going on. Which is obviously what’s leading to the negative feedback.

The solution is simple - CSR vs CSR. Stop trying to outsmart your players.


Make a system that’s good for you and bad for others?

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I don’t think they’ll ever remove that from the game since it is likely deeply ingrained and difficult to tweak or remove without side effects, but maybe I’m wrong. The tone of their post to me was more of “this is the way it is” than “we hear your concerns and are addressing them”.


Note that that’s a side effect we expect to see and not a goal - we don’t give you unfair matches just to enforce a 50% win rate.

I’ll keep that in mind next time I seen an Onyx duoing with a gold…

Will there ever be a reconnect feature added to help in instance when I disconnect or have a game crash?

We’ve also seen this request pop up quite a bit too. We like the idea, but we’ll need to do additional investigations before we can make any commitments.

You’ve probably seen this a lot because we want to be able to finish a game where our leaving was caused by the game crashing.

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Apparently, Ranked is working exactly as intended according to 343.

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I’d be surprised if they weren’t open to possibility it’s still a WIP given they had to perform a mid-season reset. Then again I’ve been surprised with some of the issues plaguing the game…

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Haha yeah all this and also bot bootcamp influences your MMR too. Disappointing game. Should be csr per playlist and should only use the csr to match make.

They once again said the game only cares about kills, can’t measure objective performance…so why don’t we have plain ranked team slayer - like it or not - that’s the only mode this system can kind of measure correctly. Why is the guy who goes 15-18 ranked higher than the guy who goes 11-8.

The real answer is probably trueskill2 is our system and we don’t want to rework it. I mean they aren’t sure they can do ranked rejoin lol. Of course they can - but it likely requires investigation to see how much effort it’ll take. Things like ranked rejoin have existed in past games decades old at this point.

Pretty sure a lot of what you’ve said is inaccurate.

Matching on CSR would be a huge mistake because smurfs.

You need to think about why the top fragging player is dying so much. Is he the catalyst for the team trying to get map control? Are his teammates cleaning up the fights he started? The game is way more nuanced than K/D and I personally think the 15-18 guy likely had more of a positive impact on the game overall than the guy going 11-8.

Only if they play down. Same can be said for MMR. It doesn’t solve smurfs.

Not sure what I said wrong. Ranked rejoin has existed in other games. The trueskill 2.0 study pdf says raw kills matter most.

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Dont forget that Bot matches count towards determining your MMR as well. So someone who is really a silver level player could be getting loads of kills in bot matches and then go play ranked and get matches with onyx players.

Pretty f***ed up on the part of 343. The more time passes, the more it seems that 343 is completely out of touch with their fanbase.

Better than how systems have dealt with smurfs in the past.

Kills per minute is a factor, so is deaths. There’s nothing to suggest a player going 11-9 would be inherently lower rated than a player that goes 15-18. Especially as there are also other factors aside from this too.

They have so much data, they can literally see what stats correlate most frequently to wins. That’s how they use the system and tweak it over time to identify which players win more often and why based on correlating data.

How a better system can exist without using such data is beyond me. Sure they can and should continue to tweak it and sure some outliers will occur. But I don’t see a better system available right now and I’m certainly not smart enough to come up with one.

Even all the pros and streamers hate it. Just because 343 explains it doesn’t make people all of a sudden like it.

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A season only last for 3 months… the season was always going to reset when it did. Three months from when the Beta was released. That’s why they brought the matchmaking update when they did so they didn’t disrupt the first 3 month season.

Why they lied to us about this is beyond me? My guess it’s to do with the UI again.

The Web of lies in this game is ridiculous- they need to come clean.

Sure, if we’re talking about actual weather seasons (in theory). Sports seasons tend to run for 6 or 7 months, Valorant follows this trend, CS:GO ranges from 2 - 4 months, and COD goes two months.
Halo hasn’t subscribed to the battle pass monetization strategy or had an established esports scene so I believe this is new ground for them. Personally I’m a fan of longer seasons - strike the balance between content obtained through battle pass progression, cosmetics able to be bought in the store, and general content.

Regardless, the ranked reset didn’t coincide with the seasonal change and season 2 is now slated for May.

I don’t know if they willingly lied or the project management is simply that excruciatingly bad at estimation… I also don’t know which is worse. :joy: :sob:

6 years. 2 prequels. And 343 NOW evaluates tge idea. This is beyond embarrassment. I don’t even find words to describe such unbelievable incompetence…

I’m sure I speak for others when I say we don’t care if that’s what your system is, no one likes it and we all want Rank vs Rank. Halo 2 matchmaking was way more balanced.


Back in November, 343 stated each season will be 3 months apart from season 1, which will now be 6 months due to the game not being entirely ready etc - This made sense.

However, right now when you move up a level on your battle pass it says Season 2 (when you collect a reward). Which is different to the battle pass screen that is still saying season 1 - Shows inconsistency.

I believe the February rank reset follows the original plan of 3 months - Which is fine. But I feel and my grief is, 343 has used the rank reset as a tool to say… we are listening to you… when actually it was the plan all along.

Was not aware of this. Are you meaning they’ve permanently pushed seasons from 3 to 6 months or just temporarily?

I agree they’re using it as a tool to pay lip service to the community. My hesitation to say this was the plan from day 1 is if that statement is true, then they’re pathetic but if false they’re incompetent. Due to what I perceive as all around poor management of the project - release date, patch speed initially due to release date, BTB being down or unreliable for 2+ weeks, design of their matchmaking system, and apparently implementation of their UI - I tend to think its the latter. It has the appearance of something designed without the input of industry veterans. Which I would tend to think thats a crazy statement given the backing 343 has but as other posts point out, there are a lot of senior openings especially in their engineering department.

No - first season 6 months… season 2 and beyond 3 months.

Theoretically we are in no man’s land… most people have done the battle pass/tenrai… my question would be - is the Swat event a filler or was it brought forward from S2… it’s not really an event is it.

Unfortunately for the consumer it’s a working disaster. Just a very basic working disaster!

All planned just not enough time to implement more. My guess would be this project got started in not a year more than the delay.