Ranked is a worse experience now

So detachment was added to ranked and it’s absolutely horrendous. Argyle is still in ranked as well. Both maps need to be removed immediately.
The Pit was finally added. But it’s loaded with GA’d fiesta weapons and fusion coil.
Ranked Doubles was removed yet again and replaced with FFA.

Ranked community feedback just keeps getting ignored and it’s frustrating. we need a quick fix before the holiday break to save the esports scene. that fix should

  • Remove Argyle & detachment

  • Remove sword,mangler,plasma pistol,sentinel beam, commando,and pulse carbine from ranked maps

  • Remove fusion coils from ranked maps

  • Replace Stalker & shock rifle with S7 sniper where applicable

Update: Ranked has been updated. Fusion coils no longer respawn. Map rotation has been optimized. Argyle & detachment only in 1 game mode now. But should still be removed entirely. Catalyst ctf also removed