Ranked grievances

1.) Why do we have one ranked playlist, should be Arena, Slayer and FFA.

2.) Why isn’t their MMR restriction??? This just opens up a can of worms of boosting. Which is already happening. Lastly, regarding this… it puts people up against uneven odds. Onyx vs mid-tier plats doesn’t seem fair eh? Look at this… the chart shouldn’t be this way in high diamond and onyx. https://halotracker.com/halo-infinite/leaderboards/csr/all/default?page=1&playlist=1

3.) Take individual performance out of it. People are just slaying to keep their rank, you don’t even need to win half the time. This is a TEAM game, there is no I in it. Win as a team, lose as a team.

4.) add in a rejoin feature for DC’s.

5.) I’m sure a good majority of us in ranked want behemoth gone, it’s just terrible for every game mode.

6.) What are up with the spawns on training grounds in strongholds lol. I’ve had people spawn in random places to my advantage or against. It’s most noticable if you hold B and C, and have a dude holding A but not capping. You will start a chain of spawning kids on over/camo, and next to C for easy slaps.

7.) To carry on with 4, if a teammate leaves, you suffer less of a penalty if they don’t rejoin. It always sucks when people rage quit, or simply don’t come back in time/whatever reason.


I disagree, im not the team. If the team lose but i get positive in K/D i dont want to take the penalty of losing the match.

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You are the TEAM, you can’t win by yourself. If you are doing good, it doesn’t matter, you are losing collectively. If you notice this happening, you need to slow down and help your team. Especially in objective play. You aren’t owed anything for having a good KD, neither am I. We got to stop with this entitlement, I deserve more/less nonsense.

Even then at the end of the day, people not performing well are getting the Italy.

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If im playing ranked with 4 friends, then we have communication and we play the objectives. But most of the time im playing with 3 random player ranked. If they the objective, im helping. As soon that i realise that they are new to halo and dont know what they do, then im slaying. No matter what.

And here an example. Im platinum 2, ranked got teamed up with 3 player that were doing their placement matches. Im not talking about smurf accounts of player who knows what they are doing. This 3 player were new to halo, it was an objective match. I dont cared about the other 3 player, my goal was to go positive.

2 day ago i decided to stop playing ranked. If they dont fix all the MP issues like desync, hit registration and so on, i stick with social. In social i just dont care about the issues. There im playing for fun.

  1. Agreed - really the way true skill 2.0 works - it can only work with slayer. Objective frankly shouldn’t be ranked.

  2. Well crossplay allows groups to play, so you can get an onyx and a bronze teamming up purely because they are friends. But they some what acknowledged that the distribution isn’t right as of now. Lower ranked people are not playing ranked as of now for the most part. So the question is - should a diamond player get diamond rating just because they are a diamond level player - or should the diamond player actually be a platinum player in ranked - because only platinums / diamonds and onyx are mainly playing ranked. IF EVERYONE played ranked - that player would be diamond - but since a large portion of population isn’t participating - does that player get the rank they deserve based on their competition or their overall halo infinite mmr that is behind the scenes?

It’s too easy to place diamond as well. Wayyyy too easy. I see some diamond players and see the skill levels of my gold 4 friends - though I admit anyone can have a bad game - so not truely fair to me judge a single game. It’s also very hard to rank down without quitting. Remember 2/3 of the population is supposed to be gold/platinum.

  1. It needs to stay - but more emphasis should be on winning. As of now it’s like 60% kd, 40% win/loss and it should be the opposite or even 20/80 really. The system doesn’t measure objective contribution at all either.

  2. Must have feature, especially with a game that is crashing so frequently on PC.

  3. Easily the worst map in the game.

  4. Game probably calculates that your team is about to have all 3 zones - strongholds spawns with one team has all 3 feels chaotic usually though - I would have to pay more attention on this map.

  5. Yea with strict skill based match making it’s almost impossible to win a 3v4 UNLESS someone placed wayyyyyyyyyyyy too high.

Man HELL no @ point 3. If I’m placed in a team where I’m the only one playing Objective and at some point I want to say to hell with it and just slay so I don’t get totally penalized when we lose. That or, cheaters or unfavorable spawns that keep us away from the objective and the enemy near it, and Ofcourse no mics, im going to want to minimize the damage that’s going to be down to my rank.

Either way the enemy benefits cause they get the rank ups while we don’t. Especially when I’m stuck with objective based games in the rotation as I hate objectives.

I can see peoples points on the matter, problem is all the challenges, no REAL incentive to win when… you can just slay and keep rank or gain MMR. As Grizzly said into consideration as well.

Ranked needs some serious changes, we will see more people actively playing and playing the objective. Too many times have I seen randoms not hold the oddball, or run flags. I understand your frustrations. Current system currently promotes this behavior.

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I’m not sure how the ranking system works, but it definitely takes the entire team’s performance into account, as well as personal performance. I played a ranked strongholds match last night, I went 19-11 with 6 assists and 10 captures, while the rest of my team was negative. We lost 250-48.

I deranked from Plat 6 to Plat 5, despite personally having a pretty decent game. Sometimes it just feels so random whether a loss makes you lose MMR or gain MMR when you do decent but your team loses. Maybe I would have gained MMR if the final score was closer? Who knows.

I stopped playing ranked when I LOST score for WINNING. Absolutely ridiculous. I’d like to hit Onyx but I can’t be bothered suffering through such a silly system.


Halo Infinite is crafted and designed around cosmetics and Battle Passes, purely selfish things an individual player is concerned with, not what a team is worried about.

A true ranking system in the past that rewarded players for winning and/or playing well or at least decent, is now gone. So grinding challenges and showing off those cat ears, pineapples, or other useless cosmetics is the most important thing to worry about in Infinite’s MP now…

Welcome to the new Halo MP!


I agree with almost everyhting, especially 3)

I agree with everything except 3. I’m not great, but too many times I’ve had teammates that play as if they’ve never played a shooter before and are beyond useless.

I’m also sick of teammates who can’t seem to comprehend the concept of friendly fire.

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100% agree with adding a rejoin feature for DCs and just delete Behemoth from the entire game. Haha

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I also agree with the others about not having a loss penalty if you do well and your team gets smoked. It makes it a lot less annoying to have a team having a rough game. It probably helps people be a lot less toxic too. I see no problem here. If your teammate goes off slaying 40/20 or something and you can’t pull it together enough to get some objective points that’s your own problem. Pro teams will have slayer roles where their main focus is just killing the enemy team. You actually can’t win without it


I’m fine with having performance influence but it shouldn’t be the primary thing as it currently is. Getting the W should have the most weight. Performance and OBJ should be secondary.

Or maybe allow performance at lower ranks. But IMO anything Diamond+ getting the W should be the main factor and everything else should be secondary. I remember well before I was Onyx I would get the L and still rank up, because I clearly didn’t belong. But at one point the W needs to matter. Onyx + players get very selfish and just try to farm kills.

3rd point is not true. Getting the W doesn’t matter. KDA is all that matters

Nah read the trueskill 2.0 pdf out there. You can either go 45-5 in a loss or like 15-10 in a win and go up the same amount.

I don’t understand why people keep hating on Behemoth. I like that map.


Do we know the weighting for individual performance? The paper they published on TrueSkill2 described a minor influence on kills per minute - but I assumed they wouldn’t apply this for objective games.

Besides. It’s a team game. The team result is the only thing that should matter. Anything else just promotes even more toxic game play.

The best player on the losing team is still the loser of the match.

When it comes to teams of mixed skill I think it is up to the better players to adjust their play to protect the minnows. I am that minnow and I can tell the difference when an Onyx player is playing to help the team to win vs just padding out their stats.

And plus one for Behemoth. Love CTF on it.