Ranked Gameplay

I would like to see the return of an ELO based Rank system. I know something similar was in Halo 3, and I know it was in Halo Reach. I enjoy that sort of competition, it’s just fun to challenge yourself and see where you’re ranked. I would love it if you could include ELO ranked TDM and maybe ELO ranked FFA.
One thing that I’d like to see in the ranking system would be a requirement to join, such as being a certain level or something like that. Also, the first season probably wouldn’t start for a week - month after the official release, maybe even a few months to give players time to purchase the game and level up before they start.
It’d be awesome to maybe have emblem parts along with armor pieces becoming unlocked for reaching different divisions, preferably both. I love seeing diverse armor in Halo, especially earning it for achievements like beating the campaign on Legendary or mastering something.
Something else that could be implemented, and I don’t know if it’s already included, but maybe you could add a hidden rank, one that increases/decreases based on performance in regular matches, so you get paired with players about your same skill. I hate getting put in matches where I get utterly destroyed, but then find one where I simply walk around and get kills. If a hidden rank isn’t used, you could just pair up with levels, but I’d prefer the hidden rank, though both have their flaws.
Thank you for reading my post!

Man, I would just like to earn my rank like it was in Halo 3, but have visually appealing ranks like in Halo Reach.

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