Ranked gameplay is awful in every single way

This games ranked matchmaking is absolutely dreadful. Absolutely no-one, bar the people who communicate, have any concept of objective play. It’s dumfounding. If the whole enemy team is dead, why isn’t anyone on my team pushing the flag? Or picking up the Oddball? Why? Someone explain to me why this is such a hard concept to grasp, because I sure as hell can’t figure out why no one is doing these basic things.

The progression system is a large factor, because playing the objective is never actually encouraged with these trash challenges. The other large factor is probably the gameplay style itself. It doesn’t actually lend itself to objective play in the slightest. Why there is still sprint and sliding in ranked is beyond me. Enhanced movement doesn’t encourage anyone to play for the oddball, it pushed you to chase for kills, even when no kills are needed. Yes it can be utilised to help play the objective, but no one does it because the damn game plays too much like COD. Theres no incentive to help the team out when you can just run around shooting bad guys. Myself and a lot of people hate this, and It’s double frustrating because it’s a huge issue in the ranked playlists (somehow). Fix this -Yoink!- 343. Tell people to play the objective, or let people queue for slayer games exclusively within the ranked playlists, because I don’t want people playing on my team who can’t grasp the simple idea of capturing a damn flag, and I guarantee no one else who plays this game competitively wants them on their team either.

Issues like these is why people gatekeep the Halo competitive scene. It’s solely because objective play is in no way enouraged or rewarded.



I think the problem you’re addressing is primarily that most people that play Ranked are used to a more casual ranked experience like previous Halo games. Players now have less information, less forgiving starting weapons, and with the Ping function being on the Up-DPad for controller users its hard to communicate without a mic. Average engagement distances are now longer, grenades are not as lethal as they used to be, and power weapons have less ammo in them, making them less useful for controlling areas and creating an objective run.

This creates an atmosphere where ranked players aren’t sure when to push, and BR starts mean teamshooting and 4-shotting is vital to success and it seems like people don’t actually know when they are or aren’t alone in a fight so without a ping system as robust as Apex it’s tough to gauge their positions relative to their teammates and enemies.

I think you should give it time. Some of us that play a lot of ranked and watch pro games get the pace of the game a lot faster, and not only that people haven’t really settled into their ranks yet. That normally takes a few weeks at least in freshly released games. I’ve played several games as Plat with players that are low Gold and High diamond in the SAME MATCH. The system has to have time to even things out.

Also possibly part of the reason is that the Ranking system SEEMS to reward based on KDA. So you could have all the time holding the oddball and go negative yet win the game… team mates slaying with high KDA will rank up considerably more. (Also yes some players would just be better suited to a slayer Game type) I played with Mint Blitz last night and he seemed to not play the objective and only went for Kills, and I guess all power to him because he’s good at that. Personally haven’t had too many games where players aren’t going for objectives, and the games that do I try an pick up the slack… I’m Diamond 5 atm and I’ve found that as you get higher up the Ranks most play to win so you don’t run into the issue as much. Personally I love the enhanced movement, dialed down from H5 but faster than H3, I don’t think this has much impact on players playing the game type objective.

Team shooting is vital to success regardless of BR starts, and so is playing the objective. It’s literally every single game now where I get matched with people who simply do not have a grasp on the idea of playing around an objective. It’s -Yoink!- stupid at this point. I guarantee you this ranked system will remain in this god-awful state because of the way the game is designed. Sprint and Slide have no place in competitive Halo, and they need to have a serious think about how they represent the gameplay style of this game. It’s quite frankly attrocious at the minute.

You lost me at sprint and slide there so many ways you can combine and time a jump with a slide to get an insane movement boost that can be vital to win. Removing it would just destroy any movement skill gap in halo infinite I’m not down for this.

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So you’d rather have the game completely revolve around who can move the fastest around people, when the -collisions already make the game awful to play up close. The game is a shooter, not Mirrors Edge 3 - Spartan Edition. I’m fine with it in quickplay, but ranked has no place for that stuff. Plus it’s already an incentiviser to abandon objectives and chasae kills, which is my main gripe with this awful ranked playlist.

But it’s not anything like mirrors edge??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: that’s a straw man because if you try to use these movement abilities during a fight you will likely die there is a trade off. They just help you rotate and back up your teammates better and help you move around the map and it’s something I enjoy.

  • Just fire up MCC if you want to play H3