Ranked Flag Win weekly? Are you kidding me?

This is completely ridiculous. I’ve played ranked for 3 days straight and got only one CTF match. How is anyone supposed to complete this garbage challenge when you cannot get any matches for it?

How is 343 this terrible at making challenges?


in the last 3 days you’ve played 12 matches in which 3 were CTF.

Why are you complaining?

No, I’ve only gotten one ranked CTF. I’ve played like 12 matches today alone.


Im having the same problem. I thought because how rare ranked ctf was it would be one win as the challenge said ranked flag win. I didn’t have a lot of time this week so I got it Today. I played for 3 hours straight and got 1 match. This challenge is garbage. Either way im still going to try in the morning.

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I worked out that it’d take (on average) just over 48 games to complete this challenge.
I’ve been playing all day and I’ve gotten only a single CTF game today. I’ve completed every ultimate challenge so far, but this one is just too much.

It has just been so demoralizing to go into game to game, matching against cheaters and losing connection to due 343i’s awful servers. Now sitting on a ban because whoever I was facing decided to Ddos me out the game, a fairly common occurrence now in 343i’s games it feels.

They’re taking the fans for granted, which honestly sucks because I’ve supported them since Halo 4. I’m done with them now though.

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ranked ctf is like one out of 6 games at best, then winning them with rando -Yoink!- is a whole nother problem. Took me like 30 games.

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