Ranked experience feels lacking

Ranked matchmaking feels low quality, the ranks themselves need some more transparency around them, and we need some features around leavers/AFK/people intentionally throwing.

Starting off with the first point, matches feel no different in quality than quickplay. I think this is at least partially due to the matchmaking window being seemingly enormous. I am currently Diamond 4 and will match with players ranging from Platinum 2 to Onyx, sometimes with obviously imbalanced teams (think Diamond 4+ on one side, with multiple below Platinum 4 on the other). This is incredibly frustrating as a ranked player who would like to improve because the % of matches that I play that I would consider a good quality in terms of skill balance is not very good at the moment.
I will also mention I think people having limited options for how they queue impacting this. People just want to play with BR starts so they queue into Ranked even though they do not care to work as a team in the slightest. I think the best evidence of this is the fact that nobody uses voice chat in game, which is very odd for ranked FPS games.

Secondly, the ranking system feels so barebones at the moment. I was a huge Halo 2 fan back in the day and honestly that ranking system from 2004 felt better than the current one. What does this bar under my rank mean? Why does the ‘progress’ (red/green) not just show the impact of the last match but rather the last x matches? Why do I lose progress against a team with a higher average rank than my team? Please just use numbers for this stuff.

Finally, people leaving, disconnecting, and inting is a problem. I get that it is a new game and crashes happen; they should definitely be fixed, but at the very least if we have someone DC and since there is no reconnect feature in ranked (WHY?! please add this too) can we at least forfeit? Instead of sitting for another round and a half of oddball 4v3. On the next part of this, how on earth is there no at least barebones report feature in the game? This game is on the internet after all lmao. My last match I was told by a teammate “I don’t care I’m just here for challenges” who was obviously throwing. No recourse at all.

Overall the game mode, maps, sandbox are great and I am enjoying the game, but there are some huge misses in the ranked system which I feel will prevent me personally from grinding this game nearly as much as I would with a good ranking system. At least personally, if the ranked system doesn’t get better I think it will be a big detriment to maintaining any sort of non casual audience, which I assume is a priority from a game with an esports scene.