Ranked: Controller vs. Mouse and Keyboard

Which is better in the long run for competitive gameplay in ranked do you think?

I’ve been playing controller. Controller for spartan movement and inputs and overall movement skill I find easier to pull off on controller. Granted I’ve been playing controller Halo since CE.

I’ve only played few FPS games M&KB and mostly just campaigns but a little of Halo Infinites MP i’ve tested M&KB.

KB for me just isnt as fluid for pulling off movement, but the aiming (and im a crappy PC mouse player) is just so pinpoint accurate even for me. I imagine someone who has played so much csgo and all the other titles with mouse is going to kill it with the prevision weapons. Close quarters controller can easily hold its own.

I am however switching to M&KB over time


I find that interesting. I’ve played all the halo’s on controller and dominated over the years. High 30’s low 40’s in H2 ranked, multiple 50’s in H3… but for some reason on this halo, i find the aim assist and movements of the controller to be worse. I played in both flight testing’s for Infinite and the controller has come a long way since those released, but for whatever reason, M&K still seem to be the better option.

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