Ranked challenges shouldn't be a thing. Please dont do this again

I have had so many ranked challenges this week its beyond a joke. I dont find much enjoyment in ranked, not only do I always get miss matched in ranks but with latency it’s just worse not to mention I’m a solo player who just want to relax and have fun on the game.

Challenge swaps dont even work on these, all it does is change what you must do in the ranked matches whether that’s win X matches, play X matches, win X gametype ranked match etc.

Please stop forcing me into ranked… or having these challenges non swappable for casual challenges…


Or at the very least don’t lock Ultimate Challenge behind Ranked.
Casuals can then complete their share of Challenges + Ultimate, but the more dedicated players could also finish Ranked Challenges for additional Season Pass progress.

That would be a good balance.


Non ranked playlists are just Ranked without visible ranks. Skill Based Matchmaking is used in all of Halo Infinite’s playlists. Except for friendly fire, the motion tracker, and BR starts, Ranked and Quickplay are basically the same thing.


I can promise you that isnt the case, other playlists are far more chill than ranked. 0fun in ranked, lots of fun in normal matches


No he’s correct. SBMM exists in all of the playlists. Like he said, there’s just no visual rank. You will inevitably run into sweaty social matches as well. But because it is “unranked” you’ll also see more people screwing around and doing challenges. The sandbox is larger in social as well, BR starts and curated pickups make for super sweat tests.

Although I wholeheartedly agree, ranked challenges were trash. Not only does it force me to play a game mode I don’t want to for challenges, but people who actually care about their rank are hindered by my presence.

The golden rule should be, if players can’t complete a challenge in any game, then the challenge should not exist.


No I can promise it’s not. I have never gone negative in casual yet every ranked match is just garbage lag with hardly ever getting a kill.

It’s the worst experience ever. I get shot through walls, people pre shoot, they dont take damage, I can barely kill anyone and I’m never matched with my ranks.

Iv lost 19games in a row. The lowest rank person ok the enemy team beats our highest rank. I diamond 1 keep versing all onyx on 100+pings.

Its impossible to do anything in these matches.

Sounds about right.

You’re promise doesn’t hold much weight though. There is coded data proving it exists. 343i themselves even announced it as a feature. SBMM is across the board.

Ranked is just a different beast. You’re given OP starts, no radar, and players are more sweaty. You’re also more likely to encounter cheaters.

That’s the sad truth of it.

But I digress, back to the issue at hand. Yes I agree that ranked shouldn’t have challenges associated with it. Regardless of “Promoting the HCS.”

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I have also noticed that the servers seem to be worse in ranked. That doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual playlist settings though. Perhaps that has more to do with the player population for different playlists.

Having to play at 100+ ping is miserable, especially with BR starts where lack of precision is more noticeable.


Tbh Its to the point I call cheaters.

I’m getting killed cross map with default plasma pistols… they can aim a plasma pistol pin point accurate from across the whole map.

I’m legit going 2-20 KD it’s a joke I just cant do damage.

Well any pc player I cant do damage, every single game the PC players at the top with console at the bottom. For whatever reason peoples shields take like 10BR shots.

My accuracy isnt even bad, I hit like 50-60% in these games but still cant kill 1 person

Yeah found the issue, crossplay.

Just had a game all console players and my shots was registering. I assume crossplay makes the latency way worse. Just went 27-9 instead of 2-20.

The fact that one person can drop and make the game unwinnable for their team means that this should not be a challenge. And, added to that, that there’s a penalty for dropping yourself if you’re in an unwinnable game. This is really nonsense if you’ve locked the weekly prize behind ranked wins. Either make it ranked completions, or kills in ranked games, or something like that. But making it dependent on wins? Without the ability to bring in bots or other players to fill the gaps, this is terrible.


It is kinda sucky if you want to win games to earn a good rank but you have a challenge that forces you to use weapons or play in ways that puts you at a disadvantage. Put’s players in the position of deciding whether or not they want to win or risk hurting their rank to progress the bp and earn the weekly ultimate.

It’s also annoying we can’t search for specific ranked game types… I just wanted 1 slayer game for a quick 400xp but rng decided; “no, we’re gonna make you player every single game type besides slayer”

The whole concept of challenges alludes me. Who feels good after finsighing 3 odd ball matches. How is that a challenge? This is just a part of a parcitpation award genatration


My concern is less with “participation awards” and more with the inability to control what we’re trying to achieve. I can’t control how often oddball comes up, but I can control if I’m going for melee kills. Having to just play as many ranked matches as I can until oddball shows up, and then hope that my team isn’t down a person, isn’t a good challenge.


The ranked challenges are fine, the issue is that swaps just give you another ranked challenge. How many swaps have been wasted this week by players not knowing this?? 343 doesn’t care though, use up all those swaps so you are more inclined to purchase some later after you’ve run out.


Without a true XP system that awards post match XP based on your own performance the challenges create an environment that pushes you to play against the way you may want to play. Challenges should serve as a supplemental way to earn XP along with a complete performance based XP system. Challenges are okay for the weekly reward, but I think that XP should also play a part when and if we get a proper XP system.

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I thought this was true too?? :crazy_face:

I’m actually glad for now that there’s one ranked playlist. If there were more, it would be difficult to find matches like I’ve experienced in MCC.

The main reason why people don’t like playing Ranked playlists as a non-ranking player is because they have the common decency to not wanna play badly for their team. There are stakes in Ranked for all of your fireteam, and you don’t wanna be THAT GUY who just ruins it for all.

The only other option is sweating so that you don’t hold your team back and people just don’t wanna have to sweat that hard in a game. It’s totally understandable why people don’t wanna touch ranked at all.

But of course you have those people who just don’t give a turd and just mess around in your Ranked games because “343 forced me to play this mode”

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