Ranked 1v1 Playlist in Halo 4

A ranked (1-50) 1v1 playlist in Halo 4 right from the start would be interesting. To my knowledge the Head to Head playlist in Halo 3 was not that big of a success, but think about it:

Gametypes: 1v1 BR’s, 1v1 DMR’s, 1v1 Slayer, 1v1 Snipers.

Maps: One or two smallest maps. In Halo 3 they would be Guardian & Heretic
(or a 1v1 foundry map)

Radar on, waypoint off.
1 point suicide penalty.
3 second respawn time.
10 minute time limit.
The players can choose to draw or choose the winner if both agree. A draw does not count as a game and you get no EXP from it. A chosen win counts after 5 minutes of the game has passed.

Settings: MLG Weapons, damage & speed.

Weapons & Power ups: BR’s, DMR’s & Sniper. OS & active camo.

Ranking up:

3 skills from a perfection
2 skills from a deathless game (less than 15 kills, at least 10 kills)
1 skill from a win / draw against higher skill (with at least one death)
0 skill from a draw (against a same skill)
-1 skill from a loss / draw against lower skill (with at least one kill)
-2 skills from a game without a kill (while not giving the opponent 15 kills)
-3 skills from a game where the opponents gets a perfection


This. Add a 1v1 Playlist 343. Default Maps and settings, none of that awful Head to Head stuff Bungie pulled during Halo 3.