What ranges would you like to see in infinite … or better what range would be ideal as the maximum of the game and what name would you give it?

Are you talking about XP rank.

I actually prefer the numbers over the military ranks. They were just random names to me… and I had no idea how much better someone’s was to mine. The number made it perfectly clear.

And I wouldn’t have a ‘max’ rank. By all means have exponential rises in required XP up to the final rank… but then allow people to repeat. For example in Halo 5 I would have stopped the increase in XP required and just continued the same amount for 150… 151… 152… 153… 154… and so on.

The same thing could be done with military ranks… just keep adding a star for each time you’ve completed the final XP jump.

I personally like the grind towards the end of the rank journey for Halo. Really differentiates the hardcore players from folks that just stick around for a little while. I’m hoping whatever system they use (named values like halo reach or numeric like halo 5) that the grind for those is about as hard as those two games. However I still like the idea of playlist ranks that H3 implemented that were only experience based as well, that was pretty cool.

It took me a long time to hit 152 in H5 and it’s something I’m proud of. As for number vs named value, I don’t have much of a preference for either really.

For skill rank I liked how halo 5 did it but don’t mind if its changed.
But for xp rank it would be nice to see something similar to halo reaches system but i still wouldn’t mind if its the same as halo 5’s. But I wouldn’t want the ranking system to be like the new one in mcc, idk what it is but it just doesn’t look right to me.

Military ranks feel more halo than just a number. Maybe a combination of MCC ranks that lets you cycle through many levels and Reach for the very special end ranks.

It sould also be a grind that a plyer with some dedication can obtain in the course of ten years.

Bring back the number ranks for ranked so you see the level at first glance (and tie it to a insigna if wanted).