Rank up time

How fast do you rank up? In Reach, it takes soooo long, and since they added 3 grades for the higher ranks, that 3 very long ranks without any unlocks. In other games, such as Call of Duty, you rank up at a reasonable pace, and at the end you can prestige, in Halo 4’s case, pick a specialization. If you rank up at the rate of Reach, I will never get to the first specialization.

I assume since they expect people to go through 8 extra specializations, it won’t take too long. Anything less than inheritor is good for me.

Oh god, you just mentioned CoD in a positive fashion. Prepare for the -Yoink- storm!

OT: I hope the ranks take a bit longer than CoD, but not as long as Reach. I want to feel like I earned that specialization, and it would suck if it was easy enough to rank up that the super-hardcore players will have them within a week.

I agree that I cant see the time taking that long if they want us to essentially go through 130 ranks.