Rank system and utterly unbalanced Arena

So, yeah that’s my first topic on halo waypoint, I never had an issue with the games so much that I wanted to explain it all in a halo waypoint topic. But here it is:

Let’s start with the Ranks, and with the ranks themselves: Bronze, Silver, Gold etc. I have no problem, but the way they are achieved and lost, It’s quite arbitrary how easy it is to lose your rank, sometimes not from your fault. Call me a noob, but for Team Arena I’m Platinum 4 and Team Slayer diamond 1. And I found myself basically sliding back 'n forth from Platinum 2 to Platinum 3 and so on. The thing is, I think it’s sometimes too easy to achieve a rank and sometimes too easy to lose it. Many players would get simply annoyed by that fact and stop playing because they worked hard to get to one rank, then lost ONE match and lost their rank. And yes, I sound like a rager or a tryhard, but It’s too hard to win alone, even if you are skilled, and the whole point for the ranks is to see your progress in the game, not the progress of you and +3 blokes you had to carry with you because 343i was standing here like that PE teacher and spliting you into teams. I know here, It sounds a bit selfish and stuff, but that’s true. I don’t think that your rank should be affected by either your team lost or not, because sometimes, It’s genuinly the fault that you cannot get along with teammates that you don’t even know, and that shouldn’t be the thing you are judged on, your skill in the game should be what you are judged on. And now I also don’t think your kills should be deciding, because that would encourage people to throw their mates into the fire while they would snipe down all the enemies with magnum.

What I think that should be made with those ranks, Is to make them getting affected only by how do you play in a certain mode. So that is, for Team Slayer you will be judged on both Assists, Kills and Deaths, for strongholds you will be judged on base captures and base defences, as well as assists to both of these. For capture the flag you should be judged on killing the carriers, assisting with killing carriers and carrying or escorting someone the flag and etc. That would make the game far more fair to the players that are doing what they are told to and to those that simply don’t care about the objective they just care about the kills (Like one bloke doing his work at trying to get the flag but the other just sits on enemy spawn and doesn’t help the carriers). And yes, you may say It’s still helping, but actually, it’s not. I would rather have a teammate just giving himself up to the enemies but at least getting the flag here and there, rather than a beast that just 5shots everyone with magnum and has a K/D of 343/1. What I would implement here, is the ELO system most games are using now like CS:GO, and I will bring up this game even more because the only problem they have is cancerous community and hackers.

Second things are the spawns and basically the unbalance. Have you ever, playing the warzone or arena died, to wait 5 seconds to die again because game spawned you outside your base/ directly in front of your enemies? Well, I have, others had. And that’s pretty frustrating, more on arena team slayer than on warzone. It’s sometimes that waiting 5 seconds to just wait 5 seconds, so you can finally wait 5 seconds. Also the spawns in FFA still suck, and that’s a problem because it just destroys the e-sport atmosphere Halo 5 Arena is built around. Also the matchmaking is sometimes an outrage. The people with their mates are ok, but then people (like me) who don’t have any friends that also play Halo are pretty much screwed. The matchmaking is basically like a gamble, you have to cross your fingers hoping, that this PE teacher called Mr. 343i will give you XxX_Swaglord_XxX and IKnowYourMum2000 so you can win and get promoted to diamond 2, it’s really ridiculous. And the quitting/afking is also ridiculous. There were too many moments I got downranked at the match where my team was 2v4 or even me alone v4 people, rank onyx/diamond. I would really like to bring up here the system CS:GO is built around, with levels of “how much of a quitting -Yoink- you are”, with the highest level is 7 days ban. Perma ban it’s just not right.

So yeah, that’s all, I know tl;dr, but I hope one person from 343i did read and would take it to their heart, that people playing halo 5 are having those and those problems, and without solving them, THE RECLAMATION OF THE BEST FPS OUT THERE CANNOT BE DONE.

Start going in games with teams of 4, learn weapon spawns and positioning and you’ll be fine. Play smart and not hard.

I completely agree with every word of this. What started out as a fun but rewarding game has turned into a team of silvers with me leading the pack (Gold 4) fighting against a team of Onyx. I kid you not. Happened so many times last night. Then all the kids rage quit. You tell me how I’m supposed to win a 1 v 4 strongholds match… It’s frustrating because when I bought the game, it wasn’t like this. I had a 60% win ratio and my KD was 1.33. I put in time and effort, and met some really cool friends. Now, I have lost 19/20 of my last matches, sometimes from a complete shutout. I am going 27 and 3 some matches while the next best guy on my team is going 2 and 24. Not an exaggeration. I really wish they would fix this ASAP. It is not enjoyable at all and is really turning me off to this game…

Agree on every word. I’ll probably abandon Halo 5 mp.

I have no idea how you found this thread rather than any of the existing ones already but let’s not revive old ones. Thanks.