Rank reset? Xbox live customer support not wo

Xbox live customer support isnt working it just hangs up the phone, I got the game midnight last night and have been playing for hours to see that my rank has been reset. I tried contacting Xbox Live customer support but somethings wrong with their system… Please help I was rank SR13 now im rank SR1…

Bump please help T_T


It’s a server wide issue the only thing you need to fix is your patience.

Their servers just can’t handle all the players, with them a day or two.

Did you ever play MW2, MW3, BO, BF3 on release date? yea, they were just as bad.

might be the work of 343. the game just came out, just keep playing.

I understand the game just came out. Sorry if im panicing I didnt relize it was a wide-spread issue.

Does anyone know if it will be fixed? I dont see any other posts about rank.

Guess ill just have to wait… :\ I hope my armor and rank is restored.

When i go into campaign lobby it has my rank but not in infinity so I guess its a server problem

It will be, let 343 do it’s job.

Just be patient, your rank is not lost…

I have had a similar event happen but I still have everything I unlocked by lvl 13, I just appear to be lvl 1. The only thing I have a huge issue with an maybe mine is a Isolated incident, but I cant acess any of my Halo Waypoint stuff, my ‘Article’ cant be loaded it says an with a moderate Nat status I am unable to join my friends in campagin co-op or Spartan ops. I can still play as a random but that fustrates me then a number appearing to be 1

Holy multi post Batman.

Help… excuse again l they are whriten in groins the problem is my internet that is to fall i not give up the departures… because of which it does not stop attack me me detaches each 60 minutes and says me that have given up many departures i not the abandon therefore contracts with other enterprise of internet and solves the problem implore you excuse me and can return to play without reason expled thanks for you atencion :slight_smile: