Rank reset ment nothing

I lost most of my placement matches pretty bad but I still placed diamond 1. This only happens because my MMR didn’t reset.

Same thing happened in halo 5. It didn’t matter how well I did in my placement matches since I was champion in the last season it placed me in champion again. They made the ranks start at a certain rank to combat this and that was diamond 3. I would get diamond 3 and after diamond 6 I would go straight to champion. I wouldn’t even touch the onyx ranks.

Rank resets are nothing more than a ego booster. It literally means nothing because your hidden rank is still the same. And this will only get worse to the point where the top players will always stay at the top. They can never be challenged. I know this because in halo 5 no one could challenge me for my rank. I always stayed on the top because in the beginning of the game I got crazy stats these stats carried me all throughout the life time of the game


Yes but they also did more than just reset the ranks, they made it so matches should match more fairly and not put in large variances in ranked (at least from what they said it should do). I haven’t played many games yet and haven’t been placed but i’ll update here as I go.

I guess partly that.

They also provide a regular incentive to get players back.

If you’ve been away a while it gives the system a chance to catch up to where you are at.

And importantly they allow the system to breathe. They can up your sigma value and make your rank volatile. You’ll play a wider array of opponents during the placement and your rank is free to move up / down if it wishes. It’s kind of the opposite of what happened in Halo 3 where your sigma values fell so low you were locked in almost permanently.

The other way to think about it is that your skill hasn’t changed.

So your rank shouldn’t either.

At least for regular players.

Isn’t this the role of a ranking system?

I think the rank reset didn’t make sense tbh. Currently d4 in solo/duo and match 1700s. I understand that I use to be onyx, but let me play other onyx once I get there. Not by grinding through diamond playing onyx. I wish they would implement a system where you just play within your division and then maybe the division above once you get to the last tier. But we all know that will never happen.

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Yup. Meaningless reset that didn’t really touch MMR or fix any glaring problems. Probably not anything but a pre-planned season 2 reset that they were too lazy and/or incompetent to bump back to the actual start of season 2.

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The purpose of the rank reset was player retention, nothing more. They didn’t do a single thing aside from adjusting the CSR bell curve. If they actually cared, they would have fixed everything broke, or at least fixed matches STARTING as 3v4, I’m not talking about when someone quits, I’m talking about a 3v4 from the start, its an easy fix and they couldn’t be bothered.

The fact of the matter is 343i is nothing more than an ATM for Microsoft, they don’t actually care about halo. If you disagree, please prove it to me through actions 343i has taken and not empty words and misleading blog posts.