Rank reset.. AGAIN!

When is this game going to be fixed and how are they going to rectify this situation?

I purchased an Xbox One the day Halo got released. I bought it specifically for this game. Since launch the game has been broken, but I’ve still supported and tried to play it. I’ve still sunk 50+ hours into online multiplayer alone. I just played for almost 4 hours straight and after I won my last match, my rank was reset for the 2nd or 3rd time. I’m sure several of you can understand how frustrating this can be. Why does this keep happening? The first time I didn’t care, but just now, after winning several matches in a row and my rank should’ve gone up; it gets reset back to 1 and I have to start all over again?? So why did I just spend the last 4 hours playing? What benefit do I get playing this game except for constant headaches and frustration? Why should I renew my Xbox Live in the next day or two? Why sink more money into this system and sink more time into this game? Why should I not sell this system?

Since it’s impossible to get into contact with 343 and Microsoft was zero help, I have to resort to this.

Rectify this situation 343. Add more fracking ranked Playlists. It’s been a month! 6 maps of ranked? Do you know how ridiculous that is? Give me a reason why I should continue sinking my time into this game. Why I should continue paying for Xbox Live to play a game that doesn’t even work properly? Give me a reason why I shouldn’t sell this system? And don’t give me some excuse of playing other games, there’s nothing I’m interested in.

  • Gimmpy