Rank Progression Observations

So I feel like my friends wanting to play Infinite had alot of questions on the rank of this Halo. Even some who were competitive in the other Halos so here are some things I noticed in Infinites Ranked progression that people should be aware of when they rank up or down or not at all.

Rank Up

  • If you win a match. You obviously rank up.
  • Win a match with negative K/D, and you will rank up VERY little
  • If you win a match against with players on your team with lower rank, you will rank considerably up.
  • If you win a match and are say, Diamond 1 and you have a Diamond 5 or 6 against another team of all higher rank than you, with a positive K/D you rank up, but not as much as you would think. It’s higher than if you have a negative KD but still relatively low.
  • if you win an objective game but went negative, you’re not going to level up much.

Neutral Rank

  • If youre teammates start leaving and it’s 2v4 you’re rank is safe (what I’ve observed)
  • If you WIN against a team that leaves and one or two people are left you’re more likely to stay where you are because you barely have kills and deaths.
  • If you lose, and you’re KD is high for example 10-5 or 20-4 there’s a chance you won’t derank at all. (STILL possible)
  • This is a special case where In the even of a tied objective match, you’re rank remains the same. (Not always)

Rank Down - Easy

  • Lose a match.
  • Lose a match with negative KD ( much larger derank)
  • lose a match with a high KD, you’ll lose a VERY little amount (or none at all)
  • Your game crashes.
  • You Ragequit.
  • You may lose rank but not to much if the enemy team is considerably a higher rank than you.

These are things I noticed. Let me know what else you guys spot.

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2 people left on the enemy team and I finished with a 2.0 kd. Ending up losing points some how

Great list though a lot of good observations

My only guess is that they were a lower Rank then you.

Yeah didn’t bother checking that. Still makes zero sense

For a fact, that makes no sense whatsoever. A win should not punish you at all

When you quit and start a new match and still lose it you will derank a lot. I don’t like in general the rank system sometimes even if you aren’t not good killing but did a good job in objective and win the match this should be enough to get a decent increase in the level even if the K/D is negative.

Going to add this to the list on the objectives part.

And don’t get hung up on people of similar level having different changes to their rank.

The system treats your skill like a normal curve. It starts off wide and is more volatile (your rank can change dramatically). As you play more consistently it narrows (the system is more confident in your rank) and resists change.

A word of caution: I was a diamond 6, 3/4 of the way to onyx, lost one match and got deranked all the way down to the beginning of diamond 6. Lost three more matches and got deranked again. I am now 3/4 of the way through diamond 5 after winning multiple matches in a row with good K/D each time. The ranking system isn’t equitable. When you win you get very little, and when you lose, you lose big.

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