Rank Limit Soon?

So as many of you know, the American Thanksgiving is coming up next week. I personally have the week off for college, and expect to be playing Halo 4 all week. The thing is though, I am getting nervous about the rank system as I am currently a 58, almost a 59. Because Best Buy screwed me out of my LE, the other specializations are locked. My concern is that during this upcoming week, I will finish Wetwork and be well on my way through Operator.

My question is whether or not 343i has announced when the other specializations will become available to us regular copy users/ proles. Also, are any of you close to doing this anyway? I played against a 77 today and wanted to see if anyone else was that far up the rank ladder.

Microsoft sent out an email saying that anybody who plays Halo 4 standard edition before 11/20/12, will get a code in their email that unlocks all specializations.

Right now im a SR-35 so I have a bit to go.

Ok thanks. Did they happen to tell us whether they will send the codes on the 20th though?

Standard Edition Halo 4 owners who play the game while connected to Xbox LIVE by November 20, 2012 (two weeks after release) will receive early access as well.

Sweet, thanks for the info and thanks for asking that question, OP!

Rank (Halo 4) | Halo Alpha | Fandom <thats where it was said plus theres info what the specializations do if you don’t no all ready