Rank Issues/SBMM

Has anyone else had as bad experience as I am with Ranked/SBMM? Somehow I’m a Diamond 1 player. Most of my games have been negative, an average of 12 kills, and maybe 2 wins. Because I’m not a good player, I’m now constantly linked with ultra sweatlords making the multiplayer a pretty terrible experience for me… I’m nowhere near a diamond level and the ranking has been completely unfair.

I then took to Solo Ranked to test this again, but purposefully do worse for placements. With 1-2 kills and 1-2 wins from carrying teammates, I placed Platinum 3. What kind of broken Ranking system is this? And the only way to get back to a fun, casual experience is to create a new account which is absurd and should not be a gateway when this issue should be fixed.

So far, I’ve been receiving really toxic behavior telling me to “get good” or “stay in my placement because I’m too good.” when I fully admit I’m not a good player, nor am I even competitive. I only touched Ranked for the sake of challenges.