rank is stuck

Ever since the new season started, my rank keeps getting stuck in onyx. i know there was an annoying change where i would sometimes see my rank go up one point (onyx 1550 —> onyx 1551). but with this season i was stuck on onyx 1505. finally it moved after i rage quit out of annoyance. when i got back to onyx again i’ve been stuck at 1503. yes, this stick includes loses. what is going on and why is halo 5s rank system so broken?

i want to make sure i’m clear in saying i wasn’t moving when i’d lose, even multiple games in a row, too.

For questions about the changes to the rankings with the new season, please use this thread: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/58b8518e005f432381ab99fbcaf931e0/topics/matchmaking-update-spring-2020-season/400bf0e4-f130-4391-822d-e6711db374c2/posts.