Rank Down/Matchmaking

Please make it so that if you get to say, platinum, and lose a lot, you can get sent back to gold. It would deter me from quitting a game early if I’m at platinum 1 if it will defonitely send me back to gold. Now that there is barely a penalty for quitting, maybe that would help. Also, if I hit a higher rank, and I suck at that level, send me back down! Don’t make me be the reason the other fellows have to take a loss because they can’t pick up the slack because I suck.

Also, please make it so that if I queue alone, I will only get put with other people that queue solo. I feel like nobody plays this game as competitively as 343 would like to think. I’ll play 20 games in a row without having a single teammate with a microphone. If you go against an organized team, guaranteed loss. All of the people I used to play this game with have quit, so I queue solo all the time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.