Rank/Completion rather than based on performance?

It doesn’t really bother me until I do realize that the fact that the person worst in my team is getting the same REQ points/EXP as me for doing, well… nothing.
I’m not bagging anyone out, some do play this game just for leisure, but why is it that no matter how well you do, it’s only going to rack up on your service record rather then your EXP/REQ points gained?

I understand the balance between how much you earn based on Time, but what about earnings on performance? I can either do really good or really terrible, yet I’m coming out the game the same as the top player.

To clarify I’m not complaining either, I’m just asking why this isn’t a thing?

It does push players to play a bit better and not give up throughout the game, I mean no more then lets say 10 Extra REQ’s per kill/Objective Cap. 5 for an assist. It does give a point in trying to do well in the game apart from winning itself.