Rank btb and issues

Its about to be almost a month and I can’t even explain how disappointed I am with the issues with the online playing experience. I bought this game thinking it’s gonna remind me of halo 2-3 days where it was very competitive on every playlist. Not where people could just quit during the game cause they have nothing to lose. That’s why I believe everything should be ranked especially btb. I have a large group of friends, at least a 1,000 and I’m sure plenty of other voices that I don’t know that want this playlist to be ranked!! Making playlist social is fun for warm ups (for 1 maybe 2 games) but that’s how far it goes cause there are so many quitters and it gets boring!! I love how every playlist eventually get ranked except btb and I find that to be unfair. Another issue I have recently is that since the new update why can we search only with a max party of 4 in btb not up to 8 or even more. I still have faith maybe one day you fix this game but I only have so much patient to spare. I have already a lot of friends that stop playing this game and people ready to move on from this game. Please don’t let me be part of that list of dismissing and fix some issues that people demand! Here’s a quote for every btb fan out there, “LIFE IS GOOD, HALO RANK BTB IS BETTER”